Compare DIRECTV vs DISH – 2019 Satellite Providers

In our DIRECTV versus DISH review for 2019, we show how each has their benefits and drawbacks – and which one may be right for you. Ready to switch from cable to satellite tv?

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  • Packages
  • Price
  • Equipment, Special Features and On-Demand
  • Installation
  • Customer Service
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  • Packages
  • Price
  • Equipment, Special Features and On-Demand
  • Installation
  • Customer Service

At a high level, DIRECTV is known for better customer service, but DISH is actually the provider with live 24/7 assistance. DISH has the Hopper®, which lets you skip commercials in Primetime, but DIRECTV has some basic HD channels DISH is missing (like ABC Family HD). Below are some other important things to consider as you compare DIRECTV and DISH, divided into relevant categories.

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#1 Pick DISH

Why did we pick DISH? Well, after spending countless hours examining each satellite provider, DISH offered the best balance of channels, tech features and cost.  While DISH lacks the NFL Sunday Ticket (a DIRECTV exclusive), their Hopper and Joey boxes have proven themselves again and again as reliable pieces of hardware.  Moreover, the Hopper allows you to skip commercials on major network TV channels (after 24 hours), and can be accessed any where you’ve got an Internet connection.  Lastly, their 2 year price lock guarantee removes the sticker shock that often comes when a 2-year contract is half way complete. In other words, you won’t be surprised by a spike in cost, provided you opt for this feature.

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1. DIRECTV VS. DISH Packages

Each provider offers six different packages to choose from.

Flexpack (discontinued)(discontinued)(discontinued)SELECT145+$50.00 ($88/month on 13th month)
America's Top 120™ (HBO included for 12 months)190+$59.99 w/ 2-year

$74.99 after 2-years

$98/month on 13th month
America's Top 120™ PLUS (HBO included for 12 months)190+$69.99 w/ 2-year

$79.99 after 2-years

$111/month on 13th month
America's Top 200™ (HBO included for 12 months)240+$79.99 w/ 2-year

$89.99 after 2-years

$118/month on 13th month
America's Top 250™ (HBO included for 12 months)290+$89.99 w/ 2-year

$99.99 after 2-years

$128/month on 13th month
America's "Everything"™ Pak330+Ask for PricingPREMIER™315+$125.00

$181/month on 13th month

DIRECTV’s Packages

The DIRECTV Premier package includes Showtime, Starz. In all packages, local channels are included. With 185 HD channels, DIRECTV boasts the most HD offerings. For example, DIRECTV offers Disney Channel HD and ABC Family HD, while DISH does not.

If you don’t get the Premier package, DIRECTV also offers discounts on premium channels at the beginning of service – and you can also get discounts on additional premium channels once you add one.

With all packages, DIRECTV also gives you access to thousands of On Demand shows and movies as part of your package – and though it’s taken the company a while to get technologically savvy, you can now watch a selection of shows anywhere on your laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Update as of 10/2015: AT&T recently acquired DIRECTV.  Now you can bundle your DIRECTV with your AT&T Wireless bill.  The packages are as follows:

  1. *Add DIRECTV: to your existing AT&T plan and save $120/year, or $10/month.  One bill for both.
  2. *Add AT&T: Wireless to your DIRECTV Package and save $120/year, or $10/month.  Again, one bill for both
  3. *All in One Plan: Over 145 channels, Connect up to 4 TVs with HD+DVRs, up to 4 smartphones, and 15GB of shareable data.  Cost: $200/month for 12 months (require 24-month contract, which you’re doing anyway with AT&T)
  4. Unlimited Data: Bundle and you can now receive unlimited data on the AT&T network (throttling occurs at 22GB per billing cycle).

*AT&T may have discontinued these bundles as of Jan 2016. It doesn’t hurt to ask, though.

DISH’s Packages

DISH, on the other hand, also has thousands of movies and TV shows on demand at the push of a button.  They also offer DISH Anywhere™, which allows you to watch programs on your smart device, such as an iPad or Android phone.

If you’re a big sports fan, DIRECTV is probably the best choice.  No matter where you live, DIRECTV offers every out-of-market NFL game every Sunday (DISH has other sports, but not the NFL) with the popular NFL Sunday Ticket. You can also watch college football and basketball and purchase add-ons like NBA League Pass, Fox Soccer Plus and MLB Extra Innings.

And if you’re wondering what channel is what (as in what channel is Fox on DISH), be sure to checkout our easy to use, and searchable, DISH Network Channel Guide.

Winner: DIRECTV, which offers more options and isn’t missing any basic channels.

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2. DISH’s vs DIRECTV’s Price

Monthly Pricingdish-network-reviewsDirecTV_logodish-network-reviewsDirecTV_logo
First 12 MonthsFirst 12 Months2-Year Price Guarantee (only option as
of 10/27/2016)
After 12 Months
Tier 1See 2-Year Pricing$50$59.99$88
Tier 2See 2-Year Pricing$55$69.99$98
Tier 3See 2-Year Pricing$60$79.99$111
Tier 4See 2-Year Pricing$70$89.99$118
Tier 5Unknown$75n/a$128
Tier 6Unknown$125n/a$181
Installation CostSee 2-Year PricingFreeFreena
Additional Receiver CostSee 2-Year Pricing$6.50$5na
Contract LengthSee 2-Year Pricing24-months24 -Monthsna
ETFSee 2-Year Pricing$15 + $20/month left on contract$20/month left on contractna

DIRECTV’s packages range from:

  • $88 to $181 a month ($50 to $125 a month for the first 12-months).
  • $13.99 for Showtime.
  • Required contract: 24-months

DISH’s packages range from:

Update: As of 10/27/2016 DISH discontinued first year pricing. Replacing that is DISH’s 2-year pricing guarantee. 

  • $59.99 to $89.99 with a 2-year price lock ($74.99 to 99.99 after two years) (updated 1/17/2018)
  • DISH charges $15 for Showtime, $10 for Starz, $7 for Epic and $6 for Encore. Though they offer Premiums Free for 3 Months (Showtime®, Starz®, and DISH Movie Pack™)
  • 6/2016 Update: DISH now includes some pay channels for the first 12 months on select packages
  • Required contract: 24-months
  • 1/2016 Update: DISH now offers a 2-year contract with pricing locked for 3 years. That means your monthly bill won’t suddenly sky rocket come month 13.  Moreover, they’re only asking you to sign a 2-year contract and offering 2-years of the same price.  The price wars are on!

DirecTV offers a discount for the first 12-months. As of 10/27/2016 it is now the only provider to offer a first-year discount, with pricing increasing in month 13. Since you must sign a 24-month contract you will be paying the higher rate by month 13. Both DISH and DIRECTV offer 3 months of free premium channels for new customers on select packages.

Winner: DISH, which has the cheapest options and cheapest teaser rates, plus they now offer locked pricing for 2-years on a 2-year contract.

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3. Compare Equipment, Special Features and On-Demand

internet speed

When comparing DIRECTV and DISH, both offer a variety of DVR and non-DVR receivers.

Watch from any wheregreen-check-mark
Compatible watch from any where DevicesMac, PC, iPad, Android Tablet, Kindle, iPhone, Android PhoneMac, PC, iPad, Android Tablet, Kindle, iPhone 4s+, Android Phone
No Additional Equipment to Watch Any Wheregreen-check-mark
RF and IR Remotegreen-check-mark
Auto Skip Commercials after 24hrsgreen-check-mark
Local Channelsgreen-check-mark
Wireless Remote Boxesgreen-check-mark
On Demand Contentgreen-check-mark
Download Content to a Mobile Device or Computergreen-check-mark
Home Securityred-x-icongreen-check-mark
Tivo Integrationred-x-icongreen-check-mark
NFL Sunday Ticketred-x-icongreen-check-mark
DVR StorageVariesVaries
Max TVs Per Home78
Simultaneous Show Recordings165

DISH’s Hardware Options:

  • The Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR,, which lets you record up to 8 shows at once during primetime and instantly skip commercials in recorded PrimeTime Anytime shows.
  • Alternatively, the Hopper 3 supports 4K content, supports up to 7 TV in one house and can record up to 16 shows at once. The 2TB DVR supports up to 500 hours of HD content, or 2000 hours of SD content – it also is the first to support UBS 3.0. It costs an additional $15 a month for 4K content support.
  • Hopper upgrade is free with a 24-month contract (DVR/receiver fees apply separately).
  • Even more exciting: the new Hopper lets you watch recorded programs on your mobile device free of any additional charges.

DIRECTV’s Hardware Options:

  • They don’t have a commercial-hopping device but has recently introduced The Genie, which gives you full HD DVR service in every room with just one HD DVR.
  • The Genie also predicts your viewing habits and records shows you’re bound to enjoy.
  • You can also buy Nomad for $150 and use it with Genie to sync shows for internet-free viewing.
  • And lastly, DIRECTV offers a TV option, though it’s mutually exclusive from that of the Genie.

DIRECTV charges an additional $10/month for HD service; DISH charges the same but waives the fee with HD FREE for Life for the life of the account if you enroll in AutoPay with Paperless Billing.

Winner: DISH – The new Hopper® offers more features than DIRECTV’s Genie.

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4. Compare DISH vs DIRECTV Installation

 picture quality

Most DIRECTV equipment offers include standard professional installation from a highly trained installer who will install your satellite dish, get everything connected and show you how to use your service. Some installations may require additional custom work that is not included.

Similarly, DISH offers free installation for satellite service. You can also purchase a custom installation of TVs (such as wall mounting), home theaters and wireless networks.

Winner: Tie – both DIRECTV and DISH have similar installation procedures.

Call 855-677-8855 to order DIRECTV today

Order DIRECTV service today and get a $100 Visa gift card. Just call 855-677-8855.  Legal Stuff: $100 Gift Card is courtesy of USDIRECT. Visa® prepaid card is given to you as a reward or gift and no money has been paid by you for the card. Visa® prepaid card is issued by Mpell. 

5. Customer Service: DIRECTV VS. DISH

You can call or email DIRECTV 24/7 for assistance. If a technician needs to come to your property to fix something, this can often be scheduled for the following day. DIRECTV also offers a device Protection Plan for $5.99/month and Protection Plan Premier for $19.99/month. DIRECTV offers 24/7 technical support (its their customer care center that’s only open 8:00 AM to 1 AM ET daily). Also, you can use DIRECTV’s automated phone system and website 24/7 to order movies and events, make payments, change programming and find troubleshooting help.

DISH also offers 24/7 support via phone, email, chat or Twitter. DISH claims to be the only entertainment provider with 24/7 live customer service.

Winner: Tie – both companies offer standard customer support procedures. DIRECTV has a better reputation for customer service, but DISH seems to be making an effort with its 24/7 live customer service.

Call 855-677-8855 to order DIRECTV today

Order DIRECTV service today and get a $100 Visa gift card. Just call 855-677-8855.  Legal Stuff: $100 Gift Card is courtesy of USDIRECT. Visa® prepaid card is given to you as a reward or gift and no money has been paid by you for the card. Visa® prepaid card is issued by Mpell. 

6. Which Satellite Provider is Right For You: DIRECTV VS. DISH Score Chart

Overall WinnerDISH4 vs 3 points
PackagesDirecTVMore options and isn't missing any channels.
PriceDISHCheapest options and tier rate.
EquipmentDISHNothing beats the Hopper®.
InstallationTieComparable install services.
Customer ServiceTieDISH has 24/7 customer service, but DirecTV is said to be better.

While DISH may not have every channel DIRECTV does, it is the cheapest when it comes to selection packages, and there is no overlooking The Hopper, a tempting feature exclusive to DISH. To make the best choice, check the channel lineups for your favorite channels (especially if HD is a must for you); many of DIRECTV’s hundreds of channels might be superfluous to you, anyway. You should also calculate what your bill will be after promotions expire just to avoid any sticker shock.

Call 855-422-4230 to order DISH today

Exclusive Offer: Order DISH with Gadget Review and receive a $100 Visa Gift Card when you call 855-422-4230 and mention code: 76339

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    1. Probably because you switched. New companies will do what it takes to get a NEW customer. It is the old loyal customer that the pound with increased prices. I’ve been with Directv for almost 20 years, and they have increased me to over $115 a month(5tv’s), with zero movie channels.

      1. So true gd, same here been with them (Directv) for about 17 yrs only 2 tv’s and zero movie channels I pay over $73 now and looking to dump them because I still have my old eq. no HD. but if you are a new customer they give you everything!! Sounds like dish wins on this with the 3yr price freeze and HD for life free for auto pay

        1. Hi Lou! You can actually upgrade your equipments by simply callig customer service. They will provide you great options and great deals. That’s what I did before.

          1. Hey.
            Is that true?
            They lock you Inn to another 2 years that’s BS.
            You must tell them you don’t want it or send the new one back.

          2. Since AT&T has taken over their service has taken a nose dive. I have called and tried to get new equipment and discounts and have been treated rudely. They have went to people who you can barely understand. The only deal they will give you is $25 off if you go with AT&T cell service—fat chance. I had that before Version and you couldn’t pay me to return. I had no coverage and constant dropped calls. I am thinking about switching to Dish. I am paying $120 a month on 1 TV with a HR-21 that I have had for 9 years. From march to April 2017 is when things have went south with them. In March they did offer a deal but when I called up the first part of April I was no longer speaking to people in Nashville. DirecTV charges for HD and Dish doesn’t.

          3. If you go out of contract with DTV you get your clock cleaned with price. And, while they are collecting your 3 and 4 years of the free equipment guarantee, they will not give it to you unless you sign another contract…but they still charge you for the guarantee and raised the initial price almost triple the original cost. No one reports about that!

          4. I agree that since Directv was acquired by AT&T the customer service has taken a nosedive. Once you work your way through the automated customer service you get a person that you can’t understand. Their script tells them to care, but they really do not. Have been with Directv for over 10 years, and am tired of fighting for reduced rates each year. We are considering Dish as two years in a row after spending a hour plus on the phone have finally received a discount. Was always clear we did not want to change our package. Agreed on a new price to only find the next day that our package was changed to a lesser package.. Yes, they changed our package without our approval or even knowing. Only able to figure it out when channels tell us we have to pay for them. Call again and show frustration and eventually they put my package back at the price that we agreed to. This makes me question the ethics of the discounts they provide. How many people think they are getting a good deal but do not realize they are receiving a lessor package that they did not approve. This exact thing has happened to us two years in a row. One time is a mistake, the second time it tells me this is a AT&T directed practice. I would rather go to the dentist than deal with AT&T Direct!!!

          1. I have been with direct a number of years. It went out a gew weeks ago and am still waiting for a service call. Att sucks

          2. Those days are over now that AT&T running the show. I’ve been with direct for 14 years and I can’t believe a thing they’re saying now that it’s AT&T time for me to go bye bye.

          3. Kiss the discounts goodbye. You will find out as of April 1st 2017 the only discount you will get is $25 off if you use AT&T cell. You will have to talk with people you can’t understand. I was one of those who always got the discounts. Now I am having to switch to Dish to get a discount.

          4. Not anymore. Once those discounts are up they will tell you there are no more discounts available. I agree with most of the comments that when AT&T took over things went downhill fast. I will be switching to DISH and suplpementing with HULU and Amazon Prime

        2. If you press them a little they will upgrade you to HD for small charge or for free. I got upgrade for $50. New4k HDR. They wanted $250. I talked them down.

      2. I’m paying $116/mo with DISH and half of the channels are “flabby ab exercises” “how to beat creepy skin” “shark vacuum vs. Dyson.”
        What’s worse is that you can’t get rid of those channels.
        Direct TV quoted me $67/mo x 2 years, then $112/mo after that.
        Furthermore, my hopper just deleted all of my recordings for the 4th time in 3 years. DirectTV here I come!

        1. Good luck with that move! have been with direct tv for over 10 years and my bill keeps going up and up and the service keeps getting worst and worst. The bill seems like it goes up every other month. I am weighing my options now bc I will be leaving direct tv if I have to buy a antenna and put it on my roof. That’s how fed up I am with direct tv and its expensive mediocre service and terrible customer service.

          1. Seems like I am in the same boat. My ‘package’ with Direct TV, internet and phone was $177 one month, $189 the next and $204 the next!!! And the service has gotten worse. I pay extra for 2 genies and for the ‘Protection Plan’ which is code for their equipment is crap and always ‘needs’ tech to come out to ‘fix’ it. Because we live in the boonies, I have no good options except to go back to TV antenna or Dish! But then I still have to get an internet provider. I can go through my x-box for movies and such. AT&T and all that goes with them needs some serious work. I still have my TV tower. Maybe if Quita and I both buy a TV antenna we can get a “bundle” LOL

          2. We are at the end of our two year agreement with DirecTV and can’t wait to leave. Have had the WORST customer service from ATT/DTV ! They always promise something and then don’t follow thru. And the next call you start all over again. Equipment is fine and in-home tech service is fine but I’m not paying their outrageous price anymore so we are headed to DISH.

          3. You are so right. Never had a problem with Direct TV, untol AT&T bought it out. Customer service is horrible. I was supposedly given a $50.00 discount for a year. When I didn’t receive it, I have called numerous times. They say during this transition to AT&T, it has been lost. Yhey will not honor it. It says when you call, that calls are recorded for quality assurance. That’s bull!!!! I cannot get anyone to listen to that call where I was given the discount. I HATE AT&T !!!!! IT IS HORRIBLE!

          4. I have read the comments on DTV, Since A T & T took over . Its gone to hell. I have spent over 4 hrs the last two days dealing with them over pricing. I was told I would get my Loyalty discount continued for the next year by one rep, and then told they could not honor it. I have been a loyal customer for 11 flippin years! I argued with the rep and told him I wanted to speak with his manager and was told that he was too busy. I kept on the phone until he finally transferred me to a rep that could speak English. The guy told me he couldn’t do anything for me and to try streaming with DTVNOW. Once again nothing but ridiculous problems and dealing with a rep that I could not understand. I liked DTV’s format as it was easy to find programs etc. but their pricing and the lack of care for loyal customers SUCK. They are good at first, but will bend ya over the table later!!!

        2. We have had nothing but problems with dish and its hopper for past 3 years. Support is great, but the technology sux.
          It hangs and you can’t reset it, itscrambles sound and pic for no reason, it drops out sound periodically, it loses its settings with most updates, etc, etc, etc…. I have the hopper 3 and its worse than the original equipment. They have had no less than 10 technicians here and can’t seem to fix the problems. Replaced HW at least 8 times in a year. The Wi-Fi only connects sometimes and hardwire brings network to its knees.
          They don’t seem to know what the problem is or how to fix it. They won’t send any more folks put until they understand what the cause is. Yep, gonna move on. If it weren’t for my mom, is get rid of tv altogether. Too much money for not much of anything.

        3. GOOD LUCK BUDDY, hahaha, been with Direct TV for 17 years and my bill has tripled in price,,, no movie channels and still cost me 167 dollars for 3 tv

      3. Me too,that’s why I’m looking at Dish because Direct TV is getting out of hand and with their merger with ATT it’s like a mini monopoly.I have two TV’s one receiver is HD and the other receiver is not. Too much for $115.00 per month.

        1. my DirectV bill went up to $90..and was $53…under my original contract…i was told my prmotional rate expired…locked in for another month or i pay $20 disconnect fee. they got you coming and going…

    2. Dish has a new 2 yr price lock as of March 2016 guaranteed on the equipment and the package itself and has a new Hopper 3 which can record 16 shows simultaneously and is 4K!!!!

    3. That’s true! And fyi people directv has hd dvr whole home receiver where in you can pause, fast forward, replay, skp commercials and even record.movies. they also have the latest equipment called genie. And directv provides 3d channels too.

      1. Hey.
        Beware of the Direct TV recordings.
        They freeze up and mess up all the time . customers service is horrible and they don’t speak English. Teach them English or work in the Wherehouse.
        I grade Direct TV as a 2 star. No plan is a good plan even AT&T Digital Life can be a problem.

          1. Why would you even bother to correct someone’s spelling? That is, unless their comment touched a nerve?!?! Their overall comment may have been, a bit, politically incorrect. BUT……in regards to the main objective of their comment, it was a valid statement. It is quite impossible, to resolve any issue you’re experiencing, dealing with a breakdown in communication skills.

          2. Sorry Melrose, you missed the point. The point being that you speak to someone not from the U.S.A. and is WHERE? :-)

        1. You are absolutely right about that. My service NEVER went out with DISH. DirectTv goes out EVERYTIME we get heavy rains, which is a lot in Washington State.

        2. James, you’re the perfect example of someone clueless accusing someone else of being clueless: “English. Teach them English or work in the Wherehouse.” So James, where is the wherehouse? LOL, oh sorry, you surely meant to say “warehouse”. Damn keyboards.

          1. Joe, your ignorance is showing. That’s a spelling issue, not a language issue. Stop being a jerk.

    4. DIRECT TV DOES NOT OFFER ONE AMERICA NEWS, THE BEST NEWS CHANNEL THAT TELLS THE TRUTH , so many news stations like CNN ABC CBS PBS BRAVO are not honest news stations as far as what is going on in the country

      1. I agree with you JJ, I have TWC (Spectrum) and now wanting to swap to satellite because Spectrum is a political Progressive liberal cable company. They’re always advertising with articles from the left and none from Conservative stations or channels. I cannot find a non-biased TV company.

        1. Confusion. I have read all these really true comments and decided to stay with spectrum yeah it’s a battle but I’m not willing to be in any kind of contract. Spectrum had great customer service and packages they just seriously need to listen to loyal 20 plus year customers and give them great pricing. It took a long time and effort but all spectrum services work excellent and with Tx weather that’s saying something. Maybe one day they will listen.

      2. That’s not true! FYI, CNN and MSNBC are the most reliable news sources compared to Fox & Friends News, Hannity, etc. who broadcast lies and conspiracy theories. When I lived in Zurich in the late 80’s, I used to watch CNN International all the time because it was my only link to being the closest to home. I’ll never forget when they broadcasted on June 22, 1989 how the temps soared to 122* in Phoenix, AZ and Sky Harbor had to shut down because the airplane tires were melting on the tarmac. So, this channel definitely does not broadcast fake news!!!!!

        1. Sorry Julianna CNN and MSNBC are totally “FAKE NEWS” the reporters are idiots that’s why if you check their ratings are way down…american people know the difference!

        2. That was also 20 years ago. They have in the last two years reported many stories that ended up being not true, or not corroborated, no investigation done before they went live with it, which is why I don’t watch CNN anymore. Watched them everyday till I realized something wasn’t right. Your entitled to your opinion but watch with open eyes…and an open mind. Don’t be a blind zealot. Smart people have been duped many a time. Good luck.

    5. yeah it is cheaper because you switched. I have been with Direct TV for 14 years and my cost keeps going up. what I once paid 89.00 for two years ago is now 132.00. I am switching to dish. Watch out for Direct TV and their hidden fees. they will kill you.

      1. I agree with you 100% I used to get a great deal with DTV, but not any more, and I have been a customer for over 20 years. AT&T has ruined it, just like a lot of us knew they would. And I just read that last month they did yet another price hike….and yep, bill went up yet again! It is time, unfortunately to say bye to Direct TV, and they can thank AT&T for that!!!

    6. We just try changing to direct TV they can not even get the insulation date right. Wasted a whole day waiting for the installers , I never have off on Saturdays so I am very upset. Too top that off the lady on the phone laid to us telling us they be here at four it is now past four a clock What The !

    7. Unless you’ve been a customer for awhile. I’ve been with them almost 20 years, have two TVs, no premium channels and pay over $120 a month. You also have to pay for HD, which is ridiculous, considering everything is in HD now. Now they’re forcing me to take the Genie, which I don’t want, mainly because I have 2 DVR’s one HD one standard, and if something goes wrong with one (which it has in the past) I can still watch television while waiting for a replacement. With the Genie, if something goes wrong, you have only the one and can’t watch anything until the replacement arrives. They’re eliminating SD which is why they want to force the Genie instead of allowing another DVR – but still charge$10 a month for HD for each TV – that’s $20 a month that should be free, since almost all channels only broadcast in HD. They charge you a fee for “whole home sharing” with Genie so you can watch it on any TV in your home – but they only give you ONE Genie, so how do they expect you to watch it on other TVs? They shouldn’t be charging you for this, since they know it has to be used everywhere. Look at your bill when your intro expires. Since AT&T took over, you’ll see a host of charges for things that shouldn’t cost at all. We’re thinking of going to DISH because our rates have gone up year after year, while only “newbies” get the discounts, NOT the loyal customers.

  1. I had Dish Network HD for 3 years and recently switched to DirecTV. The HD pictures are clearer on Directv. It’s the same TV, but DirecTV HD seems more crisp than what I had with Dish Network. Remote interface seems more clumsy on DirecTV. I preferred the Dish Network remote control.

  2. 1.) Dish and Directv uses satellites. Their satellites are in different orbital locations. You are lucky if your exact location is in a good spot.

    2.) There are a lot of things that may cause signal loss: weather, obstructions, planes, clouds, strong wind, even birds that may use your dish to take quick breaks. So signal is still not a good starting point to start an argument.

    3.) take time to understand your bill, because your activity, and even your frequency in calling customer service will make your bill rates unstable because everytime you order, upgrade/downgrade, cancel order, complain, dispute, etc., adjustments are being made and may cause confusion to your bill if you don’t understand billing cycle and bill generation dates.

    4.) Prices go up up and up. Yes. Because when you started service there are discounts and promotions that are active when you signed up. It is important that you know your “original” monthly bill after all discounts and promotions expired on your account.

    5.) Offers differ from what is advertised: Always take note of asterisks *** symbols that comes with the offers. This means that these offers has conditions that apply.

    6.) Equipment: Take time to learn how to use your equipment other than pushing buttons without understanding it then cursing customer service representatives when something messed up.

    7.) Missed payments when in auto pay. Manage your accounts. Call your bank. It may be that they’ll be providing you new card numbers, expiration dates. Auto payments are process by a computer system, if it is not able to charge the account. it piles your previous balances to your next bill.

    8.) Losing channels. Channel providers contract with pay-tv providers (Dish/DTV) expires. Then they demand higher rates for their next contract. If pay-tv (Dish/Directv) don’t agree they dont sign up with new contract. Why pay-tv providers don’t agree? Higher rates means there will be a need to increase programming rates for pay tv customers. and when there is price increase, lots of angry customers. so customers get angry when they lose channel. and they get angry when they still have channel but increase in rates. Pay TV providers get smash in between. So don’t bark at the wrong tree. Contact Channel providers not Pay TV providers.

    9.) Customer service are made to assist you. It’s their job to find solutions that would both work for you and the company. You and the company may not get all you want. But there is always a way to work things out if you just keep an open mind.

    10.) By the way, I work as a customer representative and I am also a customer of PayTV.

    1. well said as a customer rep customers call in, yell at you, blaming you, even saying profanity words, but still you will apologize because its your job as a customer rep… to give good service.. and discriminate you and that really hurts, but still need to do the job…

  3. ONE Huge NEGATIVE about DIRECT TV. They do not show the PAC 12 Games.
    We are in Oregon and we can not watch the Oregon Ducks play Football. Huge negative. Time to switch to DISH.

    1. Thanks for the reminder! We are huge Utah Utes fans and the PAC 12 Network is the only way to watch those games! Annoying though.

  4. If you want to watch anything while on the go, then go with Dish Network. Direct Tv says watch shows on the go, but the selection is very limited. When using the Direct Tv app on my phone or tablet, it asks you if you want to see all your channels, or just the ones you can watch while on the go. The on the go tv guide drops from a couple hundred channels down to about 20. Then when I try to access those channels, almost all of them tell me that I have to be at home on my wireless network. sucks balls

  5. Thanks for the article. However, last week I had an experience the soured me on Direc TV, and I have not seen it mentioned anywhere. The technician came out to install the service, and my landlord said he wanted NO holes in the roof, There are 4 dishes currently on the roof of my apartment building, all fastioned to vent pipes. The technician said that Direc TV had changed its police for insurance reasons, and that they were no longer allowed to affix a dish to a vent pipe. My landlord talked with a supervisor, who promised to have someone out to the building within 72 hours to possibly grant a waiver to the policy. It has now been over 5 days and no contact from Direc TV. Well, they have lost a customer. I am goint to Dish, who apparently has no problem attaching their dishes to vent pipes! I have been with cable tv for over 25 years, and it is time for a change!

    1. So what are your thoughts on Dish? I’ve had it for about 45 days and I’m pretty happy with the service and the equipment. That said, I don’t know what their policies are about installing the actual Dish.

      1. just need to make sure that you regularly check your monthly statements because they run promotions that will expire on a period of a few months so as not to create any billing confusion anything you added in the middle of your billing cycle or any changes made will incur prorated credits or charges just need to be mindful of it and it will be great

    2. I’ve had a lot of trouble with Directv. I got a 4K tv and they came out with new equipment and informed me they can’t go on rooves anymore. New policy. They put it on the roof 8yrs ago. They told me I had to find someone to install the part and pay for it. Needless to say, ready to kill. Been doing research and when I’m ready will change providers. Want to go OTA, but I live really rural and don’t think I can pull in local channels. Read this for opinions.

    3. Both companies should be able to set just ONE satellite dish for an entire apt building, just as they do for hotels and othet businesses.
      After Fios took over our entire neighborhood because landlords didn’t want a zillion holes in their roofs, Direct tv has just NOW figured out how to do that.

  6. Dish Network is far better. There certain stations that nobody watches. if anyone is looking to sign up for dish network feel free to use any of these promo codes and get $50 off your first months statement on top of your regular promotion. DRA131334554,
    DRA131334562, DRA131334538, DRA131334513, DRA131334521, DRA131334495, DRA131334505, AAA0001651712

  7. this is a bunch of b******* directv and are both great service cable providers but not cable satellite is the best both are satellite providers so stop comparing im a directv technician and my works for dish network oh and xfinity sucks cheap basic cable provider their internet is fair

    1. you’re wrong about Xfinity. I’ve had it for two years after switching from Dish. The internet service is smoking fast with Comcast cable. Also, don’t have any issues watching shows on my iPhone.

    2. You need to correct your grammar. I do not understand what you are actually trying to tell me here.


      1. I used to have Charter then we bought a house outside of the city and can’t get Charter so we got Dish Network with the Hopper 3 I miss Charter I didn’t think I was going to like Dish so far I’m pretty happy with it

    3. I was a technician for dish and absolutely hated following direct tv technicians. They did the crappiest installs.

  8. I would like to know if others are having problems as I am with DISHNET. I have called several times (local installer org and DISH themselves).

    aThe problem is USA, I have HOPPER and DVR records, but cuts off the end of every show, every time. I have had them tell me to change the record time, or that there is a problem with conflicts…that is not the problem. They reset my television, and now they FINALLY tell me that it is a KNOWN PROBLEM…so that means no answer – keep checking back for an answer!

    That is unacceptable. I think I want my DIRECT TV back. I didn’t have any issues when I had DIRECT..but I have a feeling that the ROOT CAUSE is USA.. as it usually runs over on the shows etc. Which means DIRECT probably doesn’t say they can do something they cant do.

    I dont know what the problem is…but I want to know who else has this problem and how we fix it.

    HELP !!!!!!

      1. How on earth do we get them to FIX this. Now that all the new shows have started we are having more of a problem. What are you doing about it?

        1. IDK! i guess you could try setting the recording time manually to start and stop well before/after the show. Haven’t tried myself but might work. So, instead of recording the show, record the time. Not sure if this makes sense.

          1. Dude! Its not rocket science. If you can’t figure it out just go online and type in a google search. Geezus its 2016 not 1916.

    1. That happened to me also because for some reason the networks don’t stop the show after exactly 30 minutes or an hour etc etc. What you need to do is go to the dvr event editer and choose to extend recording after the show by 3 5 or 10 minutes.

    2. Actually it is easy. Go to your record planner and simply set the recording time to start two minutes earlier. You can set the start and end record time for any time you want. Hope that helps. If not, I can walk you through it.

  9. Dish falsely advertises they have “fast speed internet no TV service required starting at $19.99 anywhere”. When I called they said no, sorry, in your area we only offer
    service at 34.99 or 39.99.
    Dish’s sale rep stated “well that’s just an advertisement”
    In Minnesota this is Illegal!!!!!!!!

      1. this is not true…dish bundles with exede (used to be wild blue) and they are much faster than dial up – until you run out of time which is a another issue… if you get both tv and internet you get a 10 -15 dollar discount.

        directv doesn’t bundle (which their salespeople claim) they send you to the exede directly and you get two bills – it’s why I switched to dish

        1. Internet for Dish. . . It’s good, PROVIDED, you don’t exceed their ‘anytime’ limit which is easily done by down-loading any application (shut as up-grades to your operating system. Then it costs $10.00/GB which if you don’t use that month expires on the next month’s billing date. AND, when they slow down your speed (I’ve experienced it) you can’t even download your email. I just bought a tablet and had to up-date it’s operating system this weekend. Well, I went from 40% used on Friday to 80% used this morning.

          Enough said, since starting my Internet Service 10/2015, what was a wonderful television service provider has turned into a horrible television/internet provider. They have nickle and dimed me to death. I was promised I could use my new router if I mentioned it to the installers of my internet service but they “claimed” I couldn’t and installed and Dish charged me for another router that isn’t as good.

          1. I just called regarding the $19.99 High Apeed Internet, No Matter Where You Live, No TV Service Required and was told that there is no internet service provided at all in my area!

  10. I am currently using Directv. It’s expensive and I want to cut back. I have the next to the top programming with DVR and HD. I have the on Demand stuff as well. I simply don’t use most of it…except of course the DVR. I have no premium channels as well and don’t need them. I’m very selective with my sports and don’t need sports channels. Dish or Directv?

  11. I have been a Direct TV customer for years. I am Switching to Dish for one reason. Direct TV is Carrying Al Jazeera tv. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! ?? I don’t care what direct tv has. I’ll tell you what they don’t have. The American people best interest in mind. The only thing they care about is the al mighty dollar. Well it least it used to be mighty. Never the less I am A man of principle and will not give my hard earned dollar to a company that is paying the very people that supported Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists originations.

    1. Is this a joke? I certainly hope so. Oh and Dish carries Al Jazeera as well. You should give it a try, its ACTUAL news and not talking heads yelling about the same thing ad nauseum like CNN, FOX, & MSNBC.

      1. Really you are defending the terrorists??? What is wrong with Fox news, leaning one way a little? Yes probably so, but they are more factual and truthful then the Communists News Network. What is wrong with attractive women on the news? Would you rather look and listen at them or a bunch of pissed off at life ugly man hating women spew their negative crap? Easy choice

          1. ahhh, MSNBC the fake new station that even gave Al Sharpton an hours to attack white people and push his racist black bs, lol.

    2. good point i think I will switch for the same reason. There is no excuse for that channel to broadcast in the United states under any circumstances.

      1. It is called freedom of the press. Part of our Constitution’s guarantees. If you don’t agree with a news source, perhaps you should move to a country that doesn’t provide such freedoms.

    3. Given your moral stand you might also consider not paying your taxes next year, given that Uncle Sam was a big funder of Bin Laden during his early terrorists years. Let me know how that works out for you!

    4. That’s not terrorists. That’s just a news site in that area. That’s like blaming ABC for something Rush Limbaug said or did.

    5. You are full of hot air Charles Baldassare! Educate yourself BEFORE making an uneducated guess/statement. Gheez. No wonder we are in trouble!

    6. Dish carries Russia TV (RT). Check it out on Youtube. They’re currently spending most their time claiming their ban from the Olympics is unfair. And, they show you how corrupt the American government is, too! Enjoy!

    7. You just made my decision EASY!! I would never pay a penny to any TV co that would televise
      Al-Jazeera TV They want to make OUR money from countrys that hate us REALLYYYYYYYYYY!! bye bye Direct TV. I am also going to let everyone I know that has Direct about this BS.

  12. What you don’t cover in this comparison is the fees and the increases in package pricing beyond the initial 2 year commitment.

    We have been on DirectV for over 8 years. Our costs for the package we were on increased about 10% every six months. The company responded with: change your package to a cheaper one, but the only cheaper package offered was about $5/month less. In addition, there were fees for everything added on: $5/month per receiver; $6/per month for insurance; $5/per month for HD, and so on.

    About 1.5 years ago, the HD receiver went bad, two months before the current 2 year commitment. The repairman refused to put in a new one if we would not sign up for another two years. At the time, we thought we were going to be moving in 6 months.
    We did without HD, but our prices continued to rise.
    We are now stable in being able to stay in this house, and can sign up for two years, but will probably have to switch to DISH as the periodic increases in DirectV costs have become too much for us.
    The “contract” with DirectV is meaningless. They have weasel clauses that allow them to make up rules or bill more any time they choose.

  13. I had Dish satellite tv service from 2010 until 2013; I regret not switching to Direct TV, as soon as my 24 month contract expired, in 2012. I finally switched to Direct TV in 2013. First of all, Dish’s so-called “customer service” stunk. For months, my Dish signal kept going out, sometimes 4-5 times per day. Their technical services department, in India, accessed via e-mail, was useless, in assisting me. Then, when I complained by telephone, I was connected with someone in the Dominican Republic, whose command of the English language was horrible. She could not understand basic English, and I was shocked that Dish would transfer my call to a calling center, whose personnel were clearly deficient in understanding English. She kept telling me that “I will send a technician to your home”. I told her that I didn’t want one, but she sent one anyway. Then, I had to cancel the technician with Dish. In the meantime, Dish forgot to automatically bill me one month, and then placed double charges on the next billing, along with a charge for the technician who never came. When I called Dish to straighten the billing out, they stated that they credited my account for the technician’s non-visit. However, its presentation of the bill was so complex and confusing, that a CPA would have incurred difficulty in understanding it. Also, I was shuffled to a “lady”, with a thick Southern accent, who was nasty on the phone, and was also useless in providing basic information. To add insult to injury, she tried to get me to buy premium services, before she even straightened the billing problem out! Finally, I wrote to one of Dish’s executives, but he never gave me the response of a reply. To add further insult to injury, my signal continued to repeatedly go out, and also the voice would occasionally go out. Hence, after enduring that garbage for months on end, I made a decision to terminate my “services” with Dish. When I called to do so, then, they tried to become “buddy-buddy”, and offer me a reduced rate, which I promptly turned down. However, they weren’t finished yet. Even after I returned their equipment to them, they had the nerve to send me a letter stating that they were going to bill me an additional $17.00 for the UPS return shipping. In fact, the latter amount had already been charged to my account, as it was deducted from a refund which Dish sent me, for the unused portion of the final month. Incidentally, Dish should have credited my account, instead of sending me a paper check, and causing me further inconvenience, in having me go to my bank, and deposit the check. In any event, I called Dish, and spoke to a Canadian lady, in one of their call centers in Canada. She stated that Dish erred in sending me that letter. I told her that she was very efficient, and that it was too bad, that this level of service was occurring, after my Dish account was closed!
    Incidentally, in the two months that I’ve had Direct TV, I’ve encountered none of the problems with Direct TV, that I had with Dish. I am actually receiving more channels than I did with Dish, and am paying over $30.00 per month less! Also, the quality of the HD signal on the various channels, as well as the sound, is far superior to what I experienced at Dish. Also, Direct TV did not try to force a $7.00/month “maintenance plan” onto my account, as Dish did. hope that this level of fine service, continues with Direct TV. Again, I’m glad to have terminated my association with Dish, and wish that I had done it a year sooner!

    1. From your story they tried to send a tech. to fix your issue but you wouldn’t let them. Not all issues can be fixed over the phone. You seem to be the biggest issue in your complaint.

    2. haha. Good luck with direct tv who never showed up when they were supposed to and after 6 hours on the phone finally told me I could reschedule the installation at their convenience.

  14. Dish has a BBB grade of A- vs a direct tv grade of F-. Dish is light years way better than direct tv. After seeing the catastrophic situation of direct tv, I don’t understand how they are allow to remain in business.

  15. I will just stick to my time warner cable. I can pay my bill at a time warner service center close to home and I don’t think dish or direct have that option. I got amc and abc family. Well I got a bundle package deal tv, internet and phone does dish or dierct have that?

  16. Dircetv is the best. I had a lot of people that dish is the worst. No mader what the say when it comes to weather and satellite dish dircetv is a the best when it storms rain or snow its out for two minutes dish is out up to five minutes. Dish is cheaper then directv at first but after three months it goes up directv does not. People are more nicer at directv then dish and smarter. For all those new people who want to pick dish over dircetv think twice before you get dish. I just have one more mean thing to say for all those people who have dish and work for them suck. For the people who have directv you rock and that goes for the people who work for them.

    1. Directv does not allow you to watch DVR recordings from PC/MAC or manage your recordings and Directv limits what channels you can watch from your mobile device, Dish allows for viewing all channels from a PC/MAC and mobile. In addition, If you use Netflix you will not be able to watch on your TV if you use Directv unless you have a smart tv.

  17. It looks like no matter what provider someone gets someone always complain, but I would like to take a look into Directv. I tried Dish Network but too bad I couldn’t cause the position of Dish satellites in the sky and I did get to track Directs’ satellites looks like I can. Where I live for cable I only can get charter and they did get rid of their cheapest package so I might check out Directv and they do have 2 receivers free. I don’t think there will be a perfect provider. Still waiting for Dish to refund me since I can’t install it.

  18. All of this is a lie. All the Hopper does is let you skip ads on RECORDED shows. Horrible customer service, and will double charge you. All Dish wants to do is be a scam. They are SO bad that they closed a lot of Blockbusters because of money issues. Directv doesn’t have money issues. And they most likely paid this site to say how great it is.

    1. And now the Hopper wont let you skip commercials since they made a deal with Disney Programming. They are both a scam DISH and DirectTV

  19. PAC12 network? YES DISH. NO DIRECT TV Direct TV are lyin cheatin SOBs ….Pac12 network? the sports leader? heh

      1. Watch it !! One more ” person” who thinks that we should all be sheep and do /watch the same things .We are all different and that is the great thing about people. They can still be friends or at least be civil and understand that other people have different likes and dislikes without amoeba;s like yourself to call them names. NO WONDER YOU ARE ANONYMOUS1 YOUR HIDING BEHIND A GENERIC IDENTITY. CHICKEN !

  20. In 1/2013 I purchased a Dish ViP211k receiver from Camping World but within six month with numerous problems I called Dish to cancel my account. After receiving error messages for the umpteenth time, THEY said I needed a different box but it would cost $80+ dollars. I told them to cancel my account; I wasn’t paying anything more for their service. The tech person said there would be no charge for the exchange box, to give it a try and send back mine; I said okay we’ll give it a try. Within a couple of days the exchange is made and all is well. Two days later on 7/6 I have no channels because they suspended my account for lack of payment of the $80. How did that happen, I didn’t know, I had auto-pay, on the same day 7/6
    they emailed me saying they received my normal payment on 7/4 and thanking
    me? One day I’m up-to-date, two days later I’m suspended, seemed crazy to me so I called.

    The problem is with the tech who told me there would be no charge for the exchange; didn’t note that in their computer. Instead he wrote that I refused their product insurance and that he waived the postage costs, there was never talk about
    insurance! No mention that I would have cancelled the service without a free exchange receiver. Today they are willing to waive the $80 if I’ll buy their insurance and continue their service. I simply don’t feel I owe them anything, nor do I want their service any longer.

    Caveat, the reason I’m posting this is to warn you of what can happen when a tech is not honest with you on the phone. I assume they get a star on their badge for
    saving a customer, but they are absolutely willing to submit untrue statements
    and cheat you for it.

    Dish Network cannot be trusted!

    1. Where I live, the same installation company has 2 vans. One says dish and one says directv. 99% of installers are contracted and do not actually work for either company.

  21. The last 3 customer service reps that I spoke with trying to get something worked out with dish had 2 mouths and one ear. Every few days dish sends me a letter or email saying “We would do almost anything to keep you as a customer” and then I read where they want their early termination fee of $192.00 by June 30,2013. Since I had overpaid dish I only owe them $59.02 for the early termination fee. Meanwhile I have another account with dish that I have had for over 36 months, which is $65.60 a month.
    Believe me when I say I do everything possible to fray these customer service reps nerves it does not matter. How does dish think I feel when I see flyers in my mailbox and in my driveway where dish is giving complete strangers free tablets, and talking to me like my first name is Plaintiff. I am going to Direct TV with the quickness and I don’t wish dish any bad will, because most everyone needs a job, but a business can not survive if the customer is always wrong.

  22. In the Atlanta market all of the cable and satellite providers offer the local sports channel Fox Sports South. Fox Sports South televises many of the Atlanta Braves games. All of the games carried by FSS are broadcast in the Atlanta market by all providers EXCEPT Dish. Dish chose to black out over 40 of the Braves games in the Atlanta market that are broadcast by FSS and carried by all other providers. This dispute is a war of egos between Dish and FSS. FSS acquired the rights to additional Braves games when Peachtree TV wanted out of their contracl with the Braves. FSS acquired the rights to these games and adjusted their price. All providers in Atlanta were able to work out a deal with FSS except Dish. The Dish’s execs decided they were going to teach FSS a lesson and not pay additional money to Fox Sports South. The customers in the Atlanta market lost and Dish could care less – maybe they don’t need this market. BE WARY when subscribing to Dish in the Atlanta area.

  23. Dish Network is the worst satellite company in the U.S.A. I worked in the warehouse where we fix the receivers. Dish recycles the receivers. These receivers are so bad when there shipped from the customers home to the warehouse. There’s roaches coming out of the receivers, sometimes live roaches. Dish use a cheap a** vacuum to clean out these receivers that doesn’t even pick up all the dirt. Dish hires felons, high school dropouts, and all riff raff from walks of life to repair the receivers in a Dish customers home. Dish freezes so bad in inclement weather and at 3am in the morning randomly does routine downloading which can be a pain in the a**. I would hands down choose Direct TV over Dish any day. I would choose Direct TV due to the quality of clarity of the satellite and the high tech receivers.

  24. I currently have DirecTV and while they are OK, I live in Portland OREGON and there are tons of trees here making it very hard to get clear line of sight to the satellites. They ended up having to put the dish on a pole in my backyard which looks terrible. Also means they had to dig up my backyard to run cable. Signal goes or during storms. when I tried to get a DVR the tech came out to tell me the signal quality was not good enough for DVR. Odd since I am getting TV. Soccer coverage seems t the best but getting all the channels I want mean getting expensive packages and sports pack. It is getting too be way to much considering all I wasn’t is to watch soccer. I am seriously considering switching to Dish buy they do not seem to have BeIn in HD and do not have BeIn ñ. Now that EPL has gone to NBC Sportsi again need to find a way to get it since it is not part of my Maximo Paculdar or sports pack. When I asked how to get them all they suggested their $125 package… Ridiculous!

  25. I am finding the advertising is extremely deceptive. The prices they have on their sites are nothing close to anything they are actually charging. You have to pay all kinds of little things here and there and eventually your overall monthly cost is doubled. Unless your a college student living by themselves with one TV and you don’t want HD. I was about to replace time warner with dish network or direct TV and by the time I got to how much it was going to cost the price was $20 a month more than what I am getting with Time warner. And I get more with Time warner than I would have gotten for that price. That isn’t taking into account the other fees that would have been charge to me 4 months down the road when maybe I wanted to change my plan. With time warner you go change your plan. With these others guys they charge all kinds of fees and in my instance they said I would have to pay almost $200 for an HD box and to top it off I would also pay a monthly rental fee on it and I wouldn’t have gotten to keep it. So all in all HD would have cost me something like $740 by the end of my contract and I wouldn’t not have gotten to keep an HD receiver that I paid for more than 3 times over. They would have gotten to keep it and then refurbished it and sent it right back out to another customer. Time Warner doesn’t charge me crap like that. Over the last two hours I have managed to talk myself out of changing anything about my cable service and now I am starting to understand why so many people are unhappy with dish network and direct tv

  26. Does anyone know if they have The CW? I’ve tried looking through the guide and couldn’t find it. I know it’s supposed to be a basic/local channel too. Is it just me or do they not have it? I’ve looked for answers everywhere including dish. Help please!

    1. Did you make sure you were looking at all channels? in your guide it might be on only HD channels and CW is not HD

  27. Dish’s premier package is called America’s Everything Pack that offers America’s Top 250 plus HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz and some more extra channels.

  28. I have now experienced both Company’s offerings and find there is really no contest. Dish is winner by a large margin! I had a contract with Dish for two years and left because the bill started low and crept up, up and up. However, I was never displeased with the equipment or service. After I switched to Direct I found the problems with my bill were similar to Dish’s but in addition the service and/or the equipment was terrible! I get terrible reception, the recording process is out of sync with the recording times, my remote is mostly inoperable making me change batteries weekly to get any kind of results at all and i must reset the receiver more often than weekly to get slightly additional performance. I have been on the phone for hours trying to get help and although they very grudgingly sent a new(/) receiver I still have the problem! When the contract is up next month, Direct is history in my house !!!!

    1. I can relate to what you’re saying about the service of both Dish and Directv. I was also a Dish customer that left them because their rates kept going up. But I took a different route by going with Comcast’s Triple Play, internet/cable TV/phone service, because of their cheap price. Still had billing problems with them, too. The big problem was that Comcast’s best DVR was the worst piece of junk I have ever used. It actually makes the Directv DVR look good. But that doesn’t mean I like Directv’s DVR. When I switched to Directv a couple years ago, the DVR they had was their latest and greatest. Trouble is that it is still way behind in technology compared to Dish’s 601 DVR from 2006. When my contract is up with Directv, I will be switching back to Dish at the end of August.

  29. U mentioned that Direct TV has great customer service. I beg to differ.. My husband was on and off the phone for 3 days with reps from Direct TV. He spoke with several different people n even had one rep. hang up on him. It all had to do with thr instillation date.

    1. Agreed. I had DTV for 4 years, the customer service was awful. I kept being told things that weren’t true. They would promise certain discounts and not follow through. I love the NFL Ticket, but it wasn’t enough to stay with them.
      I now have the Hopper with Sling and it is fantastic. No issues with customer service at this point. I hope it continues.

  30. I personally like Dish more than DirecTV. However she failed I mention on thing that will single handedly destroy Dish in the LA area….still no Time Warner Sports Channel with Dish!! That means no televised laker games aside from national broadcast

    1. I agree Dish is better.. . I got PO’ed at Dish customer service, sent my Hopper back and got DirecTv. It is a close comparison, however, DirecTV responds S L O W E R when trying to fast forward or load channels. It is more than annoying. So after paying a early-termination fee to Dish, I am about to pay another to DirecTV to get my Hopper back

  31. I am in the process of paying the penalties to switch back to DirectTV. The one thing anyone signing up to DISH needs to know is the discount offer the put out there to lure you requires that you log in to their online site, with 60 days of signing up for service to “Request” the discount. Even though you were quoted the discount when you signed up, that doesn’t count. If you fail to log in your rate automatically goes up the the full price immediately. You won’t notice it until you get the bill, and by then it’s too late. Customer service will tell you there’s nothing they can do. DirectTV has done away with this scam but once had it as well. It effectively cheats customers out of the promised deal. In my case the good news was that DirectTV offered to pay the penalties if I switched back, give me the discounts as a return customer, along with a number of perks. DISH offered to give me a $5 discount for 6 months as a counter offer. So buyer beware, the offers have catches that will burn you if you don’t pay attention. Fortunately these two are in heated competition and you don’t have to pay the price.

    1. I had Dish for 4 years from 2002-2006 .I had no problems with them. But when I moved , AT&T promoted Directv and I went wit them and could not be happier. They definitely do have better customer service and they give you promotional deals in order to keep yo as a customer. Just recently when my contract ended with DTV , I called Dish just to see what was offered. The rep quoted me a price and when she finished it went up $10 . I asked her why the price increase and she said I would not get the lower price without auto pay and paperless billing. Now this was on the price of a package. I told her that the package price advertised did not reflect this. She lied to me and I stayed with DTV>.

    2. I remember when I worked for dish the managers would share that their Social media team pretended to be dish customers and post positive experiences with their equipment and services. Messed up really.

      1. Dish customer service people lack product knowledge. Transferred 3 times because they could not answer basic questions about services. Even after they asked the manager for help. SAD. The real question is which is better after all the promo prices are over. The customer service peeps might have a brain meltdown if asked.

    3. monthly discounts that is a part of your contract is something that you don’t need to redeem online there is no such thing the only thing that you will need to redeem is maybe GC offers or Netflix offers but the discount promotion is only automatic get your facts straight first before you tell tale stories..and I am sure that you have done something wrong in your account to loose your discount you might have not paid ur bill to cause your bill to get disconnected or you put your account on sleep that is the only two way where you will loose the credits

  32. You can record any 5 programs with directv’s genie compared to only choosing two from dish’s hopper, the other four record same channels all the time not appealing if you ask me. Also, Directv has way more HD programming clear winner Directv. The prices end up being about the same after promo prices roll off. Also what many ppl dont realize is that if you pay you bill on time and other varying factors Directv will actually offer promo discounts on packages and free equipment especially when its time to renew your commitment to keep you as a customer.

    1. Wrong. I’ve been with directv for 3 years. They want to charge me $600 for the genie and 4 more receivers capable of on demand access. On top of that I have to pay an additional $25 a month bringing my service well over 200 a month for 5 rooms. Dish will give me the equipment for free which includes two hoppers and the other device for the other rooms. Dish wins hands down when it comes to hardware because I don’t come out of pocket for anything and even my second year with Dish will be $50 a month less than DTV for everything I want.

    2. I was told same thing by directv sales rep 3 years ago. Yeah, just sign up and I’ll “guarantee” you they will offer a 2nd HD box for free after 6 months ago. Called Direct a few months later, they had never heard of that. Nice sales gimmick!

    3. this is something that have already been cured with the new hopper 3 systems that dish launched 2 months ago they have 16 tuners so u can watch and record 16 shows at the same time no increase on the bill same fees that you will be paying for the other hoppers and the new remotes that came with it voice activated basic buttons not confusing at all

  33. My main box broke it , I couldn’t change the channel anymore , called tech support and told them there would be a 19.99 charge for a new box, thanks a lot your box breaks I have to pay 19.99 to have a new shipped to my house, I’m done with Direct when my contract is up .


    1. that is why you are offered insurance…you can’t have a box forever with out paying for a new one..geezzz

      1. Time Warner doesn’t charge for new equipment, but lately they’re customer service and pricing has sucked, so I am looking into dish or direct

        1. Annie, I have been a long-time subscriber to Time Warner basically because I really like the speed, dependability, and consistency of Road Runner for my computer. Television-wise the duplication of channels to permit them to advertise how many total number of channels they have is false advertising, in my book. AND, you are absolutely right about pricing. My Roadrunner, separate modem for Wi-Fi and Premium (no movies, e.g., HBO, Showtime, etc.) costs me $146.35 a month.
          My question is: After the first year of promotion with both Dish and/or Direct TV, what ARE those monthly costs????? Oh, and we have only cell phones with Sprint, so land-line phone service is of no concern and thus bundling doesn’t apply.

        2. Good luck trying to get one of those “newer” boxes. It took me complaining for 5 years before they finally decided to install the newest box. I am also looking to get something other than Time Warner.

          1. I have Time Warner and I’m currently looking at UVerse as they have a compelling story with faster internet and cheaper TV packages.
            I do have some reservations though as I’ve had problems with AT&T in the past. I received a bill for searvice charges on a phone line for a previous residence which I had canceled 5 years in the past. I had to finaly call their head quarters to get things resolved as their customer service folks were so bad.

      2. Why not? if you pay a monthly fee, and your required box malfunctions, then you are losing service because the box broke – service you are paying for and not getting, from the people who OWN the box. It would be different if you pay a fee for the box, you own it, and then choose not to pay the maintenance/insurance and THEN it breaks. But that is not the case. Time Warner gets you a new box as soon as the one you have malfunctions. No charge.

        1. Your not charged for the box, only shipping. And if you have ever shipped any thing that size in 2 days you will find that it is very reasonable. I had 2 receivers shipped and the rep was so nice she only charged me just the 19.95 for both. They are very willing to work with me.

  34. Some incorrect information I noticed. Dish actually offers 8 programming packages, Welcomepak, Smartpak, America’s Top 120 America’s Top 120+, America’s Top 200, America’s Top 250, America’s Everything, and Dish America. Dish also has NBA League Pass, Fox Soccer Plus, and MLB Extra Innings. Dish’s packages range from $29.99/month to $119.99/month(with teaser rates as low as $19.99/month). The Hopper is free for life. I don’t know what information is wrong about Direct Tv but I assume there is at least as much.


    1. Writing a “review” in ALL CAPS makes it bulletproof. I struggled reading after “DISH NE…” because my eyes and digital ears started hurting.

      Let’s be honest, it’s hard to take your review seriously.Go to customerservicescoreboard (dot) com and see that DirecTV, Dish, and Comcast all have the same complainers as you. Rule of thumb when contacting customer support:

      – Realize that they are human, trying to make a living just like you, who’ve never met you, and personally aren’t the reason why you are calling. Chances are you were so pissed off when you called that they couldn’t help you because of you had already pre-conceived that they weren’t going to help you. Meaning nothing they tried to do would help and they all sounded arrogant. –

      I’ve never had issues with Comcast tech support, DirecTV tech support, Sprint tech support, MS Tech support, etc etc… Primary reason was simple: I have a problem with the company as a whole regarding equipment/billing/etc, but I know it’s not your fault and your paid to help me fix it. Can we please work together. When you’re nice to someone over the phone, generally speaking they return the favor. If I was disgruntled over a business policy, I let them know or stopped their service completely. But in all cases, was cordial to the service rep, because it’s not their fault.

      1. I have been a Dish subscriber since 2004, and have never had a problem with service, via phone or in person. Response has always been prompt and concise. No, I don not have any financial interest in Dish.

      2. So let me get this right. You have this amazing personality that apparently goes through the phone too. But a person using their caps lock just completely blows your mind and throws out your congenial personality causing you to turn into some psycho therapist who apparently can realize the exact moment or event in a persons life so you can throw out your opinion about how he acted to cause it all. As if acting nicely would have gotten the early termination fee canceled.
        Your a pompous idiot T who isn’t as smart as you think you are. Especially if caps lock bothers you that much. ( wait wait… I think I just realized your problem. You failed to learn all the capital letters in the alphabet and it threw you for a loop when he used caps lock.)
        My experience with DISH network is rather neutral. They were neither nice nor rude to me. But in the end every conversation always ended with me giving them more of my hard earned money because of one clause or another. I suspect you have some interest in DISH to have been bothered by his comments so bad.

        1. “Your a pompous idiot T who isn’t as smart as you think you are. Especially if caps lock bothers you that much.”

          Yeah, and a customer service rep who SCREAMED every word into the phone would bother us too. All-caps has been considered bad Internet manners for at least 25 years now, so it’s not like nobody’s ever heard that. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat your “pompous idiot” line. There, see, all better. Now it’s met its proper target.

        2. Wow,,, U R right.Every phone call ends up costing more money.I have been with DISH since 1997.They have No Problem raising my Bill from $ 86.00 – $ 127.00.No change in service.Just a change in price.I do not know about the rest of America.Though my salary has not gone up 30 %.To the contrary it has gone down.It seems there is price increases in everything except our pay checks.The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.There is no more Middle Class.You are either surviving or you are well off.Our Country has been sold out.And if you can not get representation on the phone.Well it is out sourced to India, The Philippines , or some other foreign country…Sad but true…As far as my reviews.Direct Tv is Expensive and Decent.Dish is decent.I would like to know how the Merger and the AT & T / Direct TV packages are ? Is it a good deal or is it bad ? Any feedback on The AT & T and Direct TV Package would be Greatly Appreciated.Thank You…

          1. I had been a Direct tv customer since you had to go to Circut City and buy the equipment and take it home and install it yourself. When technology changed and high definition tv came along I changed to dish prices kept skyrocketing so I changed back to direct. Now they want my
            Buissness back they email me with special offers, I signed back up with direct but, now they are a division of ATT. I made them note in the order that it would have to be mounted on a tripod. The installer showed up as promised with no equipment in hand and said since ATT bought them they could not install tripods,roofs or poles.He told me to go to Costco and get it directly from Direct Tv and that they could install a tripod mount on my balcony. After other problems with customer service rep. problem, I think I will go back to Dish.

    2. Not getting enough bars? I am a satellite installer for Dish, not once in my 2 years of installing have bars had anything to do with reception.

    3. when you chose to move to a new apartment location, the result was that Dish could not install (physically) to get a sufficient signal. And of course you are the vic, not your fault that you chose to move. I bet you voted for O’Bama – that is the Irish version. LOL

      1. if directv doesn’t get los they are not charged a early termination fee. Its not the customers fault we can’t get signal.

      2. What’s with the brain-dead commenters who always have to drag cheesy political snark into discussions that have NOTHING to do with politics? Just got one brain cell, and it’s stuck on two elections you’ve lost? Grow up and get a life, or at least something new to say.

        1. See this idiot did vote for Obama. It is very easy to check whether you will get either DT or Dish TV by reading install parameters. The only thing America lost was the last 5 years and privacy, money, respect, military presence etc… typical. Nobody owes you anything even though your community leader will tell you otherwise. Walk off a cliff lemming.

          1. Do save your grade-school political commentary and naive opinions for someone who cares. Like, your mommy maybe.

    4. I am so sorry that happened to you. Having worked for dish I know exactly how you feel. They not only treat their customers like crap they also trea their employees like crap

      1. Do not paint everything with the same brush. I also work for Dish and absolutely love it. I always treat my customers right although not all sales reps. do .My bosses are great and i get paid what my time and work reflect.

    5. Maybe you had a bad experience, but I’m a happy customer of Dish network. They also received a grade of A-, which is really good.

      1. Have to agree with Felipe, DISH customer service has always been decent, even if not perfect. I have gone through five DVRs in 15 years, including free upgrades. Some failed in six months, others lasted six years. No complaints and the people on the tech crew there have always been within expectation. If a tech 1 didn’t know exactly the solution, I would ask for a tech 3. Just a matter of knowing how to get a problem answered and how to deal with people in a corporation. Amazing how the Golden Rule works both ways!

    6. We had a similar problem when we sold our home and moved into an apartment. After signing the lease on the apartment we were notified that it was “illegal” to install any kind of antenna or dish UNLESS we would provide an insurance policy for coverage (lightning, damage, etc.). We too were threatened with an early termination fee but when I hired an attorney who presented the company with a copy of the covenants with a promise we would sue them in civil court for substantial damages and harm, they negated the contract.
      In actuality, my instances of complaints have been few and far between and it’s only the rare exception that is like a festering boil. So, in such cases as when customer service goes amok, I’ve had wonderful success notifying the trouble shooter editor at the “Dallas Morning News,” the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and have been known to flood social media with the “Rule of 1 and 11.” Almost always customer service issues have improved dramatically.
      BTW, if the service technician with whom you are dealing is not providing you with understandable and clear direction or refuses to “hear” your side, simply ask to speak with their supervisor….and do it.

      1. The sales rep. should always ask if you live in an apartment or not it.This is one reason you should always talk to an actual sales rep. and not call the 1800 number. Otherwise that was the sales reps fault. It is not there fault for the illegal installation some apartments will not let you install satellite or only let you have one service for the whole apartment building .

    7. Goodness. All of you please get a job or a significant other and spend some time doing something to fill the need for entertainment other than talk poorly about others over an internet website. I wanted to know if I should go with dish or direct and you know what I found out? That 99% of people who live in America cannot just keep their lips shut and be civil.

      1. My advice Dish is it’s usually cheaper and better all around ,but it may not be in your area. So you can call your local dish store and find out more.

    8. First- You should always go to a customer care center around you not call a 1800 number.Second- If you are having that hard of a time you should go to the office and talk to them personally they can usually find ways to safe you money IF you are nice.Third- They never took AMC channel off it just got moved to a different package.Fourth- Dish is rated number 1 on the market right now. Fifth- You can’t paint everything with the same brush(meaning just because one person or the installers around you are not helpful doesn’t mean all of Dish is. This whole post is completely ridiculous if you were to ask me.

    9. I moved and as long as the technician noted that I don’t have any line of sight they waived my cancellation fee I think that they will only charge you if you cancel the service because your landlord is restricting your installation but nlos I don’t think so I go mine waived.
      I firmly believed that whenever we needed assistance being pissed and being rude will not get you what you wanted cause you are talking to humans they have feelings if you hurt their feelings even when they are trying to help you and your just so stubborn to listen . it doesn’t mean that because we are customers we are always right its just our ego that we don’t want to be corrected…and its also not their fault that we don’t read agreements disclosures and we don’t listen carefully to disclaimers :0

  36. I had horrible customer service at DirecTV. I called them 3 times to change my installation day and they still couldn’t make it happen…every time they told me someone would call me or something would happen it never did. I ended up cancelling my service with them because I was so furious…hopefully Dish Network is better!

    1. Have DirecTV and no Glenn Beck. Am considering dropping it for Dish because Direct does not appear to be interested in adding The Blaze TV. What is the problem Direct? We want Glenn!

  37. Why are you printing that the hopper is free for 12 months? The hopper is FREE , a $600 value.never a lease fee. Wake up! The facts should matter and you should stop printing the wrong info. BTW Direct TV cust. service is a joke, the complaints are endless and your research is clueless.

    1. Free is not free anymore, I hate to tell you. You have to Pay for that Hopper, regardless of what hey tell you, believe me you are paying for it.

  38. Your article is full of wrong information as others have noted. One thing I didn’t see anyone mention is how the Hopper is protected by the same law that made the VHS recorder legal. Once the lawsuits get to court they should be over quickly. The main dispute the networks have is the auto skipping of commercials. On the hopper, when you start a recording, it asks you if you want to automatically skip the commercials. So they are not removing them completely and they are giving you the option to view them if you want. Ask yourself what you do when you get to a commercial break on a show you have saved on your DVR. What did everyone do back in the VHS days when you recorded a show? The way I see it, if I tell the hopper to skip the commercials, I wasn’t going to watch them anyway. Have the networks lost my viewing of those commercials because of the hopper? No!

  39. I don’t want to say which is better here as there are many things to consider but will say I love my system. In my DirecTV three set top box whole home set up I have 9 (5 Genie +2 HR24 +2 HR24) tuners I can record on at the same time and are populated on all three boxes. With my set up I also have 2 ( 1 + 1/2 +1/2) terabytes of recording capacity. The idea of recording network show I hate on prime time every night would absolutely irk me big time so I’m greatful I don’t have to deal with that every night.
    I plan on getting the new, soon to be released, HR44 Genie to replace my HR34 Genie and if your interested in great info on the new Genie a full review is available at the Solid Signal Blog.

  40. Directv not missing any channels? Actually the Pac 12 Network is not on Directv, but in Dish packages with the 120+ and up. For people living on the west coast its an important channel Directv is lacking. Article is ripe with other errors as well, which have been noted.

  41. Thanks for the great review and accolades you gave about the DISH Hopper and while you’re accurate about some of the features and services offered, there are some items that should be clarified. I work at DISH and we do offer AMC, so there’s no need to worry about missing The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad or Mad Men. Customers don’t need to order DISH Anywhere(dot)com separately since they get access to thousands of titles as a part of your subscription. And with the Hopper you also get access to live TV and programs saved your DVR on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. If you have any questions feel free contact me and we can answer any questions you have about the Hopper and DISH products and services.

    1. Im curious about fees for boxes I had one of the companies come out and I dont remember which and they had everything installed before they mentioned there was a box required in each room I have 6 tv’s and it was $20 for each I was paying more than I do through grande

    2. Aep also know as America’s everything package had the premiums which u wanted to boast about direct TV having… This article is more direct TV bias then actually informative. Is there any article left with writers if honorable repute… This article is full of marketing twists… I’m gonna vomit

  42. Dish had a short squabble over price with AMC and its sister channels, but those are now restored, and , just as Cole says. In fact, when AMC went down, Dish offered two unbelievable things to Breaking Bad fans like myself – First, they sent a new wireless Roku device for me to get Amazon video, and then they gave a discount on my invoice equal to or a little over the amount it would take to own those missing episodes of Breaking Bad.

  43. Dish also offers America’s everything pack which contains over 290 channels including all premium channels. Not sure what research was actually done for this article.

    1. Too bad that so many of the “facts” were in error about Dish and what they do and don’t have. There are actually 8 English packages not four; Welcome Pack (40 channels), Smart Pack (55 channels), America’s Top 120 (190 channels), America’s Top 120 Plus (adding regional sports networks to the AT120), America’s Top 200 (235 channels), America’s Top 250 (290 channels), America’s Everthing (325 channels including the premium movie channel packages HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz), Dish America (over 65 all HD channels) and Dish has the most international programming packages available, not to mention the 6 Latino packages. With 200 HD channels on Dish I’m not sure how Direct has more at 185. Dish has on demand and local channels included with every package.

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