Ben and Jerry’s Pint Lock Keeps Ice Cream Safe from Thieving Mouths

Whether you make your own ice cream in the Cuisinart ICE-30BC – Editor’s Choice/Best Home Ice Cream Maker or buy it, you have to keep that sweet stuff safe! Some of the world’s greatest inventions include the airplane, fire, alcohol (our personal favorite), proton therapy machines and many more.  But those all suddenly seem so trivial and trite, especially after getting wind of the Pint Lock from Ben and Jerry’s.

That’s right, you can now lock down your pint of ice cream from hoarding spouses and roommates much like you’d lock up a gun or thousands of dollars in jewels.  The Pint Lock fits over the top of the pint and locks into place until the ice cream owner dials in the 3 digit pin.  We can’t say for certain, but we’re assuming the Pint Lock comes in two pieces, with the bottom portion slipping over the bottom of the pint and the locking portion over the top.  Once the two pieces are clipped into place it can’t be removed, unless you know the pin (no duh).    To help remove some of the shock and awe from the would thief’s experience, they’ve included a message on the side of the Pint Lock that reads I’m terrible sorry, but their is no “u” in “my pint”.

The Pint Lock sells directly on Ben and Jerry’s website for $6.64 (random pricing).

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  1. Step 1:  Flip upside down.
    Step 2: tear bottom open with fork or any other sharp utensil.
    Step 3: Enjoy delicious creamy ice cream.

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