batman ice cube tray

Bruce Wayne and his billionaire friends would in Gotham City would appreciate their drinks served with Batman-shaped ice cubes and now you can pretend you’re hosting Gotham’s finest at your own parties or gatherings with this Batman Ice Cube tray. With these unique ice cubes, you’re party will be the talk of the town as guests will admire and compliment you on the Batman ice cubes. The┬átray makes it easy to remove the cubes when needed for a little Bat-fun at your Bat-party by just running warm water over the back of the tray. Each tray makes 12┬áBat-insignia ice cubes. But the silicone tray can also be used to to make chocolate molds or anything else that requires some Batman touches to it. Each tray is $10.95.

batman ice cube

Kristie Bertucci

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