You can read my review of the Sous-Vide Supreme to see my love affair with the cooking style that is sous-vide.  For those of you that don’t want to read that much, and who aren’t familiar with the name, here is a shortened version of what it is.  Water is circulated at a low temperature, while food is immersed in a vacuum sealed bag.  The low temperature cooking ensures that the food comes out at the perfect level of “doneness” every time – the vacuum sealing ensures that absolutely no nutrients are lost in the process of cooking.  It is one of the best ways to cook certain types of food (eggs especially), but up until now the process has been complicated and expensive.  Even the Sous-Vide Supreme had some issues with being overly complex for the normal user.

The Nokimu aims to change all of that.  While it is only a Kickstarter project right now, at the time of this writing they are only $50,000 away from their goal with $150,000 raised.  And they have 22 days left – that puts them well on the track to get things running.  One of the things that really makes the Nomiku superb is the fact that it is immensely simple to operate – touch the OLED screen to turn it on or off and turn the one knob to change the desired temperature.  After that, the Nomiku will attach to any pot you already own in order to start the cooking process.  That’s all there is to it.  Granted, you will have to buy your own vacuum sealer, but that ends up being a minor detail.

Another big boon for the Nokiku is the fact that when it gets produced, it will retail for only $299.  With other sous-vide machines coming in at $500+ (some models can run over $2000), this makes it affordable to the average home cook that spends too much time watching the Food Network (or Bravo during Top Chef season – guilty as charged).  While I don’t have a prototype to review yet, I for one am really hoping the guys in charge here get the funding they need to start pumping them out – we could use some more cooking products being reviewed around here (especially good ones)

You can check out their Kickstarter page here, and while you’re there, why not make a donation to what  sure to be a big seller once it goes to market?