Sometimes I get to thinking that Hammacher Schlemmer is the Thanko of people with too much money.  Because they’ve brought out some really weird and overpriced stuff, and they’ll continue that awesome tradition with the Autonomous Saucier.

Say that out loud a couple times, let it roll on your tongue. Autonomous. Saucier.

It’d make a great name for a band, wouldn’t it?

But all kidding aside, what the Autonomous Saucier does is basically keep skin from forming on your gravy.  It’s an automated whisk that you lower into your sauce pan, rest on its feet, and let it spin and revolve around the pot, constantly stirring and keeping your sauce from scorching and sticking to the pan.

It’s powered by four AA batteries, can withstand temperatures of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit and costs $39.95.  Yes, you’re paying forty bucks for what amounts to an automated whisk.  But if you make a lot of homemade sauces, then you just might want one of these.