If you enjoy playing or manipulating puzzles, you’ll likely enjoy the NeoCube, a unique puzzle that consists of tiny magnetic spheres that allow you to twist, mold, and manipulate them to create interesting geometrical designs.

The amazing part about this puzzle is how simple it can be to play, yet how deceptively complex it can really be. Grab the magnetic spheres and lump them together. Rather than form a shapeless blob, the magnetic spheres tend to orient themselves into specific shapes such as cubes, rectangles, and even stars.

Pull a layer of spheres and the entire strip peels away like a sheet of paper. Twist this sheet of spheres in circles and they’ll naturally form complex designs such as triangles, stars, and circles.

You can manipulate these spheres to create two-dimensional designs or for greater complexity, wrap the spheres around themselves to create more fascinating three-dimensional designs. The spheres seem to naturally connect into geometrical patterns and with a little twisting and prodding, you can coax the spheres into forming more complicated designs.

Visit NeoCube’s web site and you can watch a video of someone effortlessly twisting and shaping the NeoCube into beautiful patterns. While this video makes it look easy, the surprise is that when you start playing with the NeoCube yourself, you’ll find it’s just as easy for you to do it too.

For $34.95, the NeoCube is a deceptively addictive game that can amuse you for long periods of time. While you can visit NeoCube’s web site to find additional ideas or tips for manipulating the puzzle, it would be nice to have a printed tutorial included. Another potential problem may be that the cost for a bunch of magnetic spheres might seem a bit high, but once you start playing with the NeoCube, you’ll find the price is worth it.


  • Unique puzzle game that exercises your creativity
  • Easy and fun to play, addictive


  • Seemingly high cost
  • Online tips and tutorials only, comes only with a single sheet of instructions and guidance

NeoCube is available here for $34.95

Wallace Wang