Infrared Blood Alcohol Test

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10 Comments to Infrared Blood Alcohol Test

  1. This sounds like a very futuristic development, but if it is viable it will be a real step forward. We have been using breath alcohol tests in the UK for over 40 years now – which is quite an amazing thought, so the next wave of technology is long overdue. Let’s just watch this space and see what happens.

    As for letting people get away with DUI / DWI just because they had one too many with their buddies was a ludicrous comment considering the thousands of lives lost each year.

    People all have a choice… 3-4 units of alcohol will bring most men to the 80mg/dl drink drive limit in the UK and USA. 3 units for most women… It’s simple – don’t drive if you’ve been drinking.

  2. No Caballo

    Someone wrote: “One could say that those who are drinking and driving deserve to die, but what about the family with 4 kids that they hit head on at 60 mph?”

    What about others in our country whose negligence, both sober, influenced, and intoxicated, kills thousands of Americans each year? Why aren’t health care providers that negligently kill people prosecuted like drivers that kill people? Recent prosecutions for sleep caused fatal accidents are becoming popular. Don’t be surprised if Americans aren’t soon prosecuted for each and every accident that results in a fatality, even those where there were no outside influences on the driver (prescription drugs, alcohol, other drugs, et cetera). We have already seen it here where I live.

    So, I guess, we all better get ready to pay lots of money for accident reconstruction experts and health care experts so we can prove ourselves innocent.

  3. John Richards is an idiot 17,243 people died last year in DUI related collisions. More than 5 times the number that died in 9/11, and that caused us to go to war and mobilize over 300,000 troops. DUI and impaired drivers is the most important issue America can solve.

  4. drinking and driving

    What happened to the idea that if you drove drunk you should go to jail? Now we’re just going after anyone who has a pint of beer and goes home. MADD says any amount of alcohol impairs your driving, but they don’t support a ban on cell phones or putting on makeup or just plain old tailgating.

    In Colorado it’s 0.05%. That’s just crazy.

  5. One could say that those who are drinking and driving deserve to die, but what about the family with 4 kids that they hit head on at 60 mph?

  6. There are probably flaws with this machine as well but the manufacture won’t let the public know. It will be up to the defense attorney to find them and will cost you thousands of dollars to prove your innocent.

  7. More accuracy with this sucks….Being drunk varies from person to person….where a .08 will smash a person who rarely drinks, an avid drinker (i.e. Kimi Raikonen) can probably get a 0.08 and still drive his F1 car to the podeum….

    .09 in cali and you lose driving for 1yr or more, and fines, lawer fees, insurance goes up, etc etc…

    Why don’t they stick it to the repeat offenders, and let the guy who had 1/2 a drink to much at his good buddies wedding just go home…

  8. john richards

    What in the world will the world will they come up with next,this whole thing sounds like communism hell i havent drank in 6 years,and personaly could care less Has our country turned comme?In russia they have let up but we keep trying to ruin our peoples lives with DWI DUI BLA BLA BLA

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