The One iPhone 6 Case That Does It All – Lighter, Bottle Opener and Camera Holder

Why settle for an ordinary iPhone 6 case that merely just protects it from falls, scratches and spills when you can have one that goes way beyond the ordinary function of a phone case? That’s exactly what you get when you buy the ZVE Multi-functional Case the iPhone 6!

Built-In Cigarette Lighter


If you smoke, then you probably have your favorite lighter on hand with you all the time.  But there are some days when you either misplace it or forget it at home. Now your’e out of luck and can’t have your usual smoke at lunch because no one else that you know inhales carcinogens between meals. That will never be the case with this unique smartphone case since it has a built-in cigarette lighter. The no-flame, rechargeable lighter is safe and easy to use and is a handy feature to have even if you don’t smoke. It’s a great way to talk to that hot girl smoking in the corner by offering her a light with you phone case!

Bottle Opener

 ZVE® Multifunctional Cigarette Lighter Cover for iPhone 6

You can never find a bottle opener when you need one! Or you have cheap bottle openers on your keychain that break easily whenever you use them while watching your favorite team play while you’re drinking a couple of beers. With the ZVE Multifunctional cover case, you’ll always have a reliable bottle opener handy whenever you feel like throwing back some bottles of beer.

Camera Holder

 ZVE® Multifunctional Cigarette Lighter Cover for iPhone 6

If you use your smartphone all the time for pictures (as many of us do), you’ll be able to take your smartphone picture-taking skills to the next level since the case can be mounted on a tripod. You’ll be able to take professional-type pictures from the convenience of your smartphone.

Extra Features

 ZVE® Multifunctional Cigarette Lighter Cover for iPhone 6

The ZVE Multi-functional iPhone 6 Cover will also protect your iPhone 6 like any other case thanks to its hard shell that provides great protection from dust, shock, falls and more. It allows for easy access to all buttons, controls and ports on your iPhone 6 – all without having to remove it.

You can get it on Amazon for only $19.99 (plus Free Shipping).

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