The best car accessories are the ones you can’t live without. Are you looking for a unique – and particularly affordable – smart device for your Christmas list? Meet the Zus car charger: This little gadget has two jobs. It charges your cell phone, and helps you find your car.

Cell phone chargers are a dime a dozen these days – the market is oversaturated with chargers that do it wirelessly, do it with heaters, do it with cases, and so on. But the Zus deserves a special mention for its secondary feature, which is more useful than most available chargers, especially during vacations and travel.

Here’s how it works: Plug the Zus dongle into your car’s charge port/lighter (it’s a phallic little thing, so get the dick jokes out of your system early on). You can then attach your charger cords to the ports at the top of the Zus, which is compatible with cell phones, tablet computers, and a variety of other mobile devices. Zus claims that it can charge up to twice as fast as traditional chargers.

Zus Dongle
The Zus dongle provides a mini charging station in your car.

When you get ready to leave your car, remember to download the Zus mobile app on your phone. This app works automatically via Bluetooth to help locate your car. Bring it up, and you get a glowing compass that points you in the direction of your car via an arrow. Once inside, if your car is a little too dark for you, the cell phone accessory includes glowing lights that can help add some illumination.

Car chargers don’t tend to get scrapped up if they stay in place, but if you are worried about scratches and bumps, the Zus car charger comes with a titanium coating and military-grade protection specs. It’s also designed to be as low-temp as possible for hot summer days.

As far as car chargers go, Zus offers a unique set of functions for users. There’s also a great holiday discount that brings the price down to $30, not much more than you would pay for an average car charger. Check it out for more information and buying options.

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