Zubits Turn Any Shoe Into A Slip-On

The shoelace is a technology we’re all comfortable with, and nobody seriously thinks it should be replaced. But when it comes to certain applications, like running, they’re not exactly optimal. Any knot designed to be untied by hand is eventually just going to unravel by itself, and no one wants to stop their workout just because their shoelace has come untied. Enter Zubits, which solve the problem every way should be solved, using magnets.

Stick To Your Shoes

The solution is actually rather elegant. Simply run your laces through the holes on either side of the Zubits closure, and set your shoe to the optimal fit for you. Then, when you want to wear your shoes, just snap the two pieces together and you’re off.

True, you’ll save, what, three minutes a week doing this, but at least you’ll be off and running much more quickly. More to the point, they offer other advantages you might not expect.

Shoes That Stay

zubits 2

First of all, your shoes will be a lot easier to put on: Since the top three rows of laces can now part with a tug, your foot has a much larger hole to fit your shoes into. Also, your shoes now have magnets attached to them, which means you’ve got a lot more in the way of storage options. Stick them to anything metal, just be sure to fill them with Odor Eaters first or your coworkers will not be enormous fans.

Best of all, they’re fairly cheap; one set of Zubits will last, of course, across multiple pairs of shoes, and they’re available from the Kickstarter for the simple cost of $20 per pair. And, really, considering how clumsy some of us are, paying $20 to never have to trip over our shoelaces again is a small, small price.

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