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The Zortrax M200 rose to the limelight after Dell ordered 5000 pieces, and from then on, it went on to win the Personal 3D Printer of the Year Award in 2017. Since then, it has remained a top choice for 3D printing fans. The Zortrax M200 has a decent build volume of 7.9 x 7.9 x 7.1 inches, a heated print bed, and a small 4-inch LCD control screen that runs Android as its operating system. As you continue with this Zortrax M200 review, you’ll get to see why it has won multiple awards, and get to find out why it holds the top spot in our list as one of the top-performing 3D printers you can get.

Why We Like It – Zortrax M200

The Zortrax M200 3D printer is a top-notch 3D Printer that uses Fused Deposition Modelling as its printing technology and achieves an impressive print speed of 100mm per second. It also has a printing resolution of 90 Microns, making it one of the best FDM printers in the market.

  • High Printing Resolution of 90 Microns
  • Compatible with 3rd party filaments
  • Sleep mode that saves energy
  • Small Spool holder
  • Mild odors


The Zortrax M200 FDM printer uses a direct feed style print-head, and at 70 decibels, it remains fairly silent when in use. It’s a lot different from the XYZPrinting Nobel 3D  which does stereolithographic printing. The M200 allows users to print directly from an SD card, or through the Z-suite software which has been built to be attentive to its user’s needs and requirements. The Zortrax M200 printer is also very different from most in its build platform. The platform is heated, allowing for a large selection of filaments to be used, as well as its own proprietary filament. When printing, the Zortrax M200 demonstrates excellent print quality as the models come out with accurate layering.


When you purchase the printer Zortrax M200, it comes in a box that contains a filament guide, a filament holder, safety glasses, an SD card reader, and its perforated build plate. In terms of appearance, the M200 is a lot better looking than other models such as the LulzBot Mini 3D Printer, if looks are something you’ll consider. Otherwise, the printer weighs 28.7 pounds and has an aluminum chassis that lends to it a high-quality feel. It is also not really built with portability in mind, but its lightweight allows you to easily move it around over short distances.


The Zortrax M200 has a few little things that you’ll come to notice and appreciate. For starters, its frame can be open or closed, unlike that of the Ultimaker 2 which is closed by default. It can also use either a Zortrax filament, or any other third-party filament of your choice for printing, and lastly, it solves the problem of having the build plate stick by absorbing a little bit of the material when it melts away into the holes of the plate. The M200 also offers decent connectivity, as it supports WiFi, Ethernet, and USB options.

Zortrax M200 Wrap Up

The Zortrax M200 3D printer is an excellent choice that can serve both as a home-based 3D printer, and an efficient work tool for low volume work. Its multiple awards should assure you of its good build quality, and its ability to get the job done. It is comparable to the Original Prusa i3 MK3S which is a top-grade 3D printer suitable for professional-grade work.

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