Zoppen Passport Holder Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re in the market for a passport wallet upgrade that crosses between the Best Cool Wallets and the Best Passport Holder, you might be interested in the Zoppen Passport Holder. It adopts features from both categories, coming in 31 colors and merging wallet and organizer holder features into one. You also get RFID shielding and a snap-button closure method.

Why We Like It – Zoppen Passport Holder

The Zoppen Passport Holder is an eco-warrior’s best friend due to its eco-friendly material, meeting EU REACH quality standard US EN71 and US CA Prop 65 test. You get a handful of card slots, snap closure, and a practical wallet. You need a trifold wallet to fit more cards and other items. You can consider reading the Zoppen multi purpose travel passport wallet review for a good option.

  • Made of eco-friendly polyurethane
  • Snap-button close
  • RFID shielding
  • Subpar RFID blocking performance
  • A tad bulky


Sometimes less is more, and the Zoppen Passport Travel Wallet adopts that philosophy. It doesn’t have tacky graphics, but rather 31 bold colors to choose from. It’s certainly more fashionable than the Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch. For a more fashionable wallet that has character, open the CTM crazy horse review.


What you’re looking at isn’t actually genuine leather, but rather eco-friendly polyurethane; otherwise known as “PU leather” or “synthetic leather.” While genuine leather is arguably better looking, it does need special attention. At least with synthetic leather, it’s easier to care for and still durable.


The Zoppen Passport Holder doesn’t perform better or worse than the cheaper GDTK Leather Passport Holder. In fact, both share almost identical features. Both get 3 card slots for credit cards or serve as an ID slot, one large slot for plane tickets or money, and another larger pouch serves as your passport pocket. They both also share subpar RFID blocking, which only blocks frequencies under 13.56Mhz.

Size & Versatility

When you boil the Zoppen RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet down to its basic functions, it isn’t very versatile. You get surface level features, such as card slots, passport pouch, and another slot for money. It’s all particularly limiting. Zoppen makes another passport holder that’s far more versatile: the Zoppen Multi Purpose Travel Passport Wallet. It has a SIM card pouch, zippered pocket, more pockets, and a snap-button closure.


So, it isn’t worth considering? Quite the contrary. If you need a quick and easy answer to upgrading your passport carrier, this is a solid choice. It isn’t flashy, nor is it particularly feature-rich, but it is affordable and you get the most basic of functions, including RFID blocking.

Zoppen Passport Holder Wrap Up

The Zoppen Passport Holder isn’t doing much outside the norm, which means it isn’t fantastic, but it is not offensive with its features. You get your most basic needs: snap-button closing, RFID protection, card slots, large pouch, and passport pouch. However, it’s a bit bulky, and its RFID blocking is subpar.

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