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Zonko 10.1 Inch Tablet Review

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This tablet features many of the essentials of a tablet, like a front and rear camera, but it has unique features like a dual sim card slot. With the sim card slots, you can have your tablet always connected with your latest notifications. Additionally, you have Google play at your disposal with hundreds of tools and games to download. This is on our list of the Best Tablets.

Why We Like It – Zonko 10.1 Inch Tablet Review

The Zonko 10.1-inch tablet is a great device to invest in when you’re looking for quality and affordability. This android tablet is stacked with a dual camera, a long battery life, and a quad-core processor for optimal performance. You will get to enjoy all your content on a crisp 1280×800 IPS display. Its top-notch performance makes it one of the top reading tablets available.

  • Dual Sim
  • Good battery life
  • Only expandable to 128GB


Movies, Apps, and whatever else you are watching will be displayed through the 1280×800 screen resolution. Other devices with better screen resolutions are the Apple iPad 10.2-Inch tablet. Record video through the 5MP back camera and 2MP on the front camera. Expect to maneuver using the touch screen, or the Google Assistant if needed. Games and multitasking will be a breeze with the quad-core processor. For a tablet with a crisp HD display, then Vankyo Matrixpad Z4 review.


One big advantage of this budget tablet is the screen size. The 10.1-inch screen is more than enough to watch your favorite shows. Aside from that, the quad processor should be more than enough for the average user, but if you need slightly more there is an octa core version as well. This tablet is less expensive than other great tablets like Fire HD 10 tablet and it has a better camera.

But, if you want one of the hard-to-break tablets, that’ll guarantee to last longer than regular tablets.


This 10.1-inch Android tablet is a steal when you realize all the things it is capable of. Say goodbye to scavenging for wi-fi because once you have a mobile service, you can stay connected and updated. You will be able to watch all the shows on Amazon Prime in crisp quality. If Android is your go-to, but you aren’t so sure about the Zonko brand, please try the Samsung Galaxy Tab A T580 tablet.

Zonko 10.1 Inch Tablet Review Wrap Up

If you are trying to experience quality devices at a great price, the Zonko 10.1-inch tablet is worth a try. Rest assured that Zonko will provide the customer service required if you run into any situations with their device. With all the tools that are at your disposal, this is beyond a tablet and more like a tablet pc with mobile service.

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