Zombie-X AK Chainsaw Rifle (video)


Zombie movies shot up in popularity over the last few years.  It’s not the first time.  Back in the late 80s there were a whole hoard of films that depicted the genre in all its gory, blood flowing ways.  Fortunately, for us that’s as far as the fantasy has exceeded.  In other words, we have yet to see a real life zombie, but in the event that we do DoubleStar will have you equipped with their  Zombie-X AK rifle with an electric chainsaw.

Yup, we said chainsaw.  It’s not of the gas powered type and after hitting the video you’ll question how much damage the 18v wood (bone) cutter can inflict.  We sort of questioned the authenticity of the weapon itself, after all it is outfitted with a few biohazard symbols which are analogous to Hollywood. But after doing a quick search on Google we quickly discovered that Doublestar Inc is a legit manufacturer of guns that fire real ammo.  It’s also equipped with a special safety, a battery back found at the butt of the gun and a Biohazard labeled scope.

DoubleStar hasn’t said when it will go on sale, but given all the Gears of War nerds roaming the Earth, there are sure to be a few takers.

Christen Costa

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