Zest Desk Review: A Portable Standing Desk for Hot Desking

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Updated August 30, 2022
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When I think of a great “standing desk” the last thing I think about is portability. But that’s exactly what the Zest Desk is all about. Ok, truth be told, it’s not a full-blown standing desk, but if you work in a co-working space as I do, it could be a great stop-gap measure, especially if you sit for 8-10 hours a day and don’t use the same desk every day. How so? Keep reading my review to find out. When you’re ready to find more office options, check out our list of the best standing desks.

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Summary: A standing desk for hot desking. But it won’t replace a stand-alone (no pun intended) standing desk.

Price: $340 – $449 at Zest Desk
Availability: Now

What We Liked

  • Easy to setup (for the most part)
  • Light enough to carry in one hand thanks to a built-in handle
  • Feet can be adjusted even when stuff is placed on top of it
  • Fairly stable thanks in part to the rubber feet

What We Didn’t

  • Requires at least a 24″ wide surface
  • Additional monitor stand not stable enough for a large monitor (27″ monitor in my case)
  • Bag not included unless you pay extra
  • Not quite tall enough for me (6′ 2″) to feel comfortable


Zest Desk Handle
A built-in handle hides away when unfolded and makes carrying the Zest Desk a breeze.

The Zest Desk weighs just 12.6lb, which is pretty light, especially when you consider some massive gaming laptops can weigh more. So for the most part, it’s easy to carry the Zest Desk, especially because there is a built-in handle that only appears when it’s folded up. And yes, it folds up making it more compact and easier to carry, though I was a bit disappointed that the base price of $349 doesn’t include the bag.

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Zest Desk Legs
The Zest Desk legs fold up and down without the need to flip any switches.

That being said, the legs’ height can be adjusted from 10.6″ to 15 inches. Keep in mind, that everyone is different and specific height depends on how tall a standing desk should be for your needs. Even on top of my desk, at WeWork, a co-working space, this didn’t quite accommodate me, as I stand at 6′ 2″, as I prefer to have a standing desk that is closer to lower/mid-chest height such that my arms are comfortable extended below my shoulders and my eyes are looking forward at my screen. Adding a monitor with a stand can help alleviate this issue since the keyboard should be lower than where you look, but I think the takeaway here is that the Zest Desk is not a complete replacement, height-wise, for a true standing desk, at least for someone of my height.

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My package included a monitor stand. It stows away neatly underneath the Zest Desk for portability, though it took me a few minutes to figure out how to unlatch it and place it on the correct side up. In fact, it was the only challenge I faced when setting up the Zest Desk. This is to say the setup is intuitive and fast; just 30 seconds.

Zest Desk Locking Pins
A few pins keep the Zest Desk locked in place.

To break down the Zest Desk it doesn’t take more than 30-45 seconds, and another 15-30 seconds to get it into the bag, which at times can be a bit fiddly but doable by all accounts, and without the help of anyone.

In Use

As mentioned, I’m 6′ 2″. The Zest Desk, while perched on my desk, is still too low to provide the necessary height to bring my arms and eyes to their optimal position. However, it’s a reasonable stop-gap measure. But since I don’t “hot desk“, meaning I have the same desk every day, there are alternatives to the Zest Desk that can accommodate my height better, such as the Taskmate Go, or the equivalent thereof (seen below).

However, if I were hot desking, or moving from desk-to-desk every day, which generally means I wouldn’t be able to leave my stuff in one place for the foreseeable future, I can see where the Zest Desk can play a significant and pivotal role in alleviating one’s all day sitting. But what I did discover – and you’ll want to be sure to check – is that the design of the WeWork desks in my office aren’t suitable for the Zest Desk. How so?  There is a hole in the middle of the desk’s surface to accommodate a power strip, computer, and monitor cords. As a result, my Zest Desk was always teetering on the edge of the gap and ready to fall, which doesn’t lend itself to stability.

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However, the Zest Desk is remarkably stable given its portability and weight, provided all 4 feet can lay flush on the surface of the desk. But again, you’ll need a fairly wide surface, at least 24 inches in width.

Wrap Up

Zest Desk Feet
The Zest Desk feet easily adjust.

There is no question in mind that the Zest Desk is well made, and with care at that. Even when folding up the Zest Desk, the body magnetizes together. The legs also fold and unfold in a soft yet solid manner, leading me to believe they won’t break anytime soon, even after constant use. That said, my Zest Desk’s corners did mar from standing it upright on the floor, even though I didn’t do that too often.

Zest Desk 020 900x675 1

So can I recommend the Zest Desk? Yes, but largely for those that are “hot desking”. And while it’s just under 13lbs, it’s important to be mindful, because if you’re a nomad-like worker, it’s likely you’re already carrying a 5lb laptop and a few other pieces of gear. And lastly, make sure you measure first. The Zest Desk is convenient, but it won’t fit everywhere, and the legs and their width are locked into place, so you can’t narrow its stance.

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