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The ZeroTech DOBBY Drone is not one of the best drones available on Amazon, neither in terms of specifications nor in terms of value. But it is a Wi Fi selfie drone that is full of surprises. And today, in our review, we will be looking at whether or not it can indeed be considered as one of the best selfie drone options in the mid-range selfie drone market.

Why We Like It – ZeroTech DOBBY Drone

The ZeroTech DOBBY Drone is a nice selfie drone with a portable body. And even though it’s a mini drone, it comes equipped with many different functions that you can take advantage of under any conditions. Also, the arms fold inward to give it pretty much the perfect pocketable size.

  • Nine minutes of flight time
  • Digital 3-axis stabilizer
  • No FAA registration required
  • Support and quality control are not that great

Speed & Power

ZeroTech claims that the ZeroTech DOBBY Pocket Drone has a top speed of 22 miles per hour (~35 KMPH). While that’d put it very close to the maximum speed of the DJI Spark Remote Controlled drone, that statement is simply not true at all.


The range is pretty excellent on the ZeroTech DOBBY Pocket Drone, much better than something like the SNAPTAIN S5C. You can send this mini drone away up to 100 meters before losing the Wi Fi signal. And the video recording still works. On top of that, if the drone goes out of sight, there’s an extremely convenient call back button.


The overall durability of this mini drone is actually pretty good. But the problem is with ZeroTech’s quality control and customer support. Many customers who’ve bought the ZeroTech DOBBY Pocket Drone have received DOA units. And their support experience hasn’t been very good either.

Camera Features

Well, once again, ZeroTech likes to advertise the built-in camera as “13 million pixels, 4K-image acquisition sensor, 1080P high definition digital video stabilizer.” Those sentences don’t even make sense, and none of those are true whatsoever. It’s a pretty low-resolution camera that supports only 720P video recording. False advertising has become a recurring theme with this Wi Fi drone, which is not a good thing at all. If you need a better camera drone, the DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter with Remote Controller should valiantly satisfy all your needs.


On one hand, ZeroTech DOBBY Pocket Drone is an excellent mini drone that offers a lot of flight control and massive range. On the other hand, it suffers from quality control issues and on the camera department. So the value proposition of this Wi Fi mini drone really depends on you, the end consumer, on what you think matters more.

ZeroTech DOBBY Drone Wrap Up

Overall, the ZeroTech DOBBY Drone is not a bad quadcopter for video recording. If nothing else entices you towards it, at least the battery life is pretty good.

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