If you’re like me, you like to carry a multi-tool on you at all times. They come in handy for quick fixes around the house and in the yard, not to mention when you are camping and in other situations. Some people even carry several multi-tools. If your multitool isn’t enough, you might want to also look at the best screw gun.

This is One Tough Pen

One of the more popular kinds of tools that many like to carry are pens that have tools built in. If that’s you, check out the ZEROHOUR APEX Bolt Action Titanium Pen With Multi-Tool. It’s a premium writing instrument with a ceramic glass breaker and hex bit socket. It comes in titanium and aluminum finishes. If you’re looking to complete your tool collection, consider the best cordless drill.

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This is a pen that gives you some very handy tools and it all fits in an ultra-compact form.  APEX BOLT is designed with indestructible materials and a waterproof ink cartridge, so the pen is as tough as the tools. If you want to keep your hands clean while you’re working, take a look at the invisible glove. It packs in a ceramic glass-breaking tip, removable pocket clip, and a hidden hex-bit screwdriver for precision repairs on the go. Take a look at the Black and Decker EasyEdge powered paint edger for another useful tool for your at-home DIY projects.

Why bolt action? The answer is simple. The bolt action mechanism saves time with a single-handed pen release and securely locks the pen in position. Plus if you love to fidget, bolt action is the only way to go.

The ceramic tip can break glass when you need to enter or exit a space quickly in a dangerous situation, or it can be used for self-defense to strike an attacker in close combat. Just unscrew APEX BOLT from the cap to reveal the hidden hex bit socket and you have a handy screwdriver for repairing things around the house, fixing electronics etc. They offer an optional 33-bit set to go with your tactical pen, which supports Flathead, Phillips, Hex and TORX bits.

This is one of the smallest and strongest everyday carry tactical pens you’ll ever find.

ZEROHOUR APEX Bolt Action Titanium Pen With Multi-Tool
This is a serious tactical pen.

It Comes in Three Finishes

APEX BOLT comes in three finishes: Black Matte Aluminum, Polished Titanium, and Sandblasted Titanium. Each has a unique texture and feel. This pen will feel great in your hand thanks to an improved ergonomic grip and balanced weight distribution.

It’s a durable pen and a multi-tool in one. You won’t want to be without one in your pocket. You can never have enough tools.

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