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If you ask us, the Zero Grid Passport Wallet definitely doesn’t fall within the Best Cool Wallets, but can certainly make its way up as the Best Passport Holder. It holds your cards, passport, and important documents in a compact way, making use of the limited space given. And you still get RFID blocking to protect said cards.

Why We Like It – Zero Grid Passport Wallet

A compact and lightweight passport holder, the Zero Grid Passport Wallet fits your most important items—passport, credit cards, money, and important documents—into a snug compartment with a zipper to prevent accidental spillage.

  • Compact & lightweight design
  • RFID blocking
  • Includes ReturnMe recovery tags
  • Questionable trip assurance


As far as fashion is concerned, the Zero Grid Passport Wallet isn’t offensive by any means. It’s basic, they are truly horrifying passport holders out there. If it could be described in three words: it looks cheap. It’s tough to make nylon look anything but. The Zoppen Passport Holder is basic, too, but also stylish with leather and colors.


However, it doesn’t impede its durability. Nylon is respectably strong, and Zero Grid even gave it water-resistant properties. You’ll have a very easy time getting the Zero Grid Passport Wallet clean.


The Zero Grid Passport Wallet rates high in performance for being compact. It does an excellent job storing cards, money, and your passport in limited space, without making it bulky. So if you wanted the best travel buddy, you may have found one in the Zero Grid Passport Travel Wallets. In fact, it even has RFID blocking to protect your cards from identity theft.

Size & Versatility

Measuring 4.25 x 5.75 inches the Zero Grid Passport Wallet isn’t exactly pocketable, but neither large. It’s the perfect size to stash among your travel gear and personal bag, yet still holds credit cards cash important documents and travel accessories in one place, rather than separately. However, the Zoppen Multi Purpose Travel Passport Wallet is far more versatile, having spaces for both SIM cards and smartphones.


Apart from being a genuinely good passport holder to protect cards and important travel documents, Zero Grid also tosses in additional value with ReturnMe recovery tags (you get two) and $300 worth of trip assurance should your items get stolen from your holder. The recovery tags are true, but the trip assurance is questionable, as one user noted their passport holder didn’t come with that. But for the passport holder itself, the Zero Grid Passport still has great value, even offering a family passport holder if you’re storing more than one. Or you could go cheaper with the GDTK Leather Passport Holder.

Zero Grid Passport Wallet Wrap Up

The trip assurance might be too good to be true, but at least the Zero Grid Passport Wallet attempts to shake up the generic way the average passport holder presents itself. It’s compact, lightweight, water-resistant, and has RFID blocking. You even get a few ReturnMe recovery tags in case you lose your passport.

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