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It is safe to say that the Zero Breeze Mark 2 qualifies as one of the Best Air Conditioners because it provides a cooler environment wherever you may even if you don’t have an electrical outlet around you. It got rid of the constant upkeep that comes with portable ACs by using a compressor to bring on the coldness. We believe that this is among the Best Portable AC for Camping because with the proper battery it can even harness solar power to recharge. If you want to ensure that your mobile home or camper has the Best Portable AC for RV this is one choice that puts quality on top by using new technologies available to keep you refreshed.

Why We Like It – Zero Breeze Mark 2

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 reached a pinnacle of efficiency and portability. It is one of the only portable AC’s out there that does not require the tedious task of adding water and ice since it uses its own mini compressor to create a chilling atmosphere.

  • It works while connected to a power source and it can go cordless
  • Can be charged up using solar power attachment
  • Solar connection wire not included


The Zero Breeze air conditioner unit uses a micro compressor to bring on the cold air for up to 40 sq ft. The Mark 2 has the cooling power potential to bring the temperature of your space down 30 degrees giving you enough power to combat the heat significantly. You can take it on the go and use its battery source that is included or you can have it plugged into an outlet. When it is time to carry it around the unit is less than 20 pounds so hopefully, that won’t be too drastic of a workout for you.

Energy efficiency

The portable battery on the Zero Breeze AC can last about 3-5 hours depending on the use, while the charging time is around 5-6 hours, so if you are looking for a product that you can use for a longer period of time you may want to look up Ontel portable air conditioner. An innovative touch on the Mark 2 that may attract a lot of campers is that it supports solar power using an additional connection wire that you buy separately. With this attachment, you will always be able to keep it charged while in the depths of a forest with no electricity.


Like most AC’s, the Zero Breeze Portable AC has a drainage hose that will need to be installed in a place where it can drain safely without leaving a mess behind. While it produces cool air, you will notice the heat exhaust system of the product releases hot air as well so you want to make sure you place the venting hose somewhere where it can expel the hot air, and does not collude with your space. If you are trying to find something a bit bigger, then a better suggestion may be to check out the Black and Decker portable air conditioner 14000 BTU.


This battery powered AC unit is fit for an adventure out on the road when paired with the connection wire that lets you use it practically anywhere as long as there is some sunlight to recharge it. While there is no significant upkeep like other AC’s where you need to change the water and filter, you will still want to make sure the exhaust hose and the drain hose is correctly installed in a place where it does not clash with the Breeze Zero AC unit. If you are not ready to take a leap into the next generation of portable AC units, you may appreciate more of a traditional layout like the window mounted Frigidaire ffra0511r1.


It is no surprise that these compressor powered portable air conditioners cost much more than your run of the mill desktop coolers. This is a hefty investment when you consider all the additional gear you have to purchase to ensure that you maximize your Zero Breeze to harvest solar power and all that jazz, but when you can cool down a space of about 40 square feet by 30 degrees it is clear to see that this investment topples any portable AC unit using water to cool you down.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 Wrap Up

While you may need to invest more than the initial asking price to fully experience the Zero Breeze Mark 2, this is the type of portable AC set up that will bring down the temperature a significant amount and you will notice the drastic change while using portably or at home.

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