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The ZENSUFU ANKLE WEIGHTS are comfortable wrist weights with a microfiber style cloth for comfort, it also uses Velcro to strap it in, and it’s very secure so they don’t move or jiggle around. The pads are also nice and soft against your skin. It’s durable enough, and they really look well-made. In the off chance you’re not new to this form of exercise we’d like to recommend our 7 Best Ankle Weights in 2020.


If you are new to the ankle weights and aren’t sure if these will get good use, the ZENSUFU ANKLE WEIGHTS is a good set that won’t weigh heavy on your wallet. You can choose from 2, 3, and 5 pound weights, each with their own designated color for easy identification. Suitable for men, women, and children this pair will be a new favorite for the whole family to get that extra strength they are craving.

  • Color coding
  • Stylish design
  • Soft and durable
  • No warranty


Wrist and ankle weights are an inexpensive way to get more out of your body-weight exercises and the Zensufu weights are an incredibly affordable option. The weights are filled with sand and are available in two, three, and five pounds. Though the adjustable strap has been called both too short and too long depending on where they want to use them, if as a wrist weights pair set then it’s too short and the reverse when on the person’s ankles. In that last regard it is similar to the Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights.


Despite the low cost they have a surprising amount of comfort and while some have had problems with them fitting they are few and far between with the majority’s biggest problem being the pension for leaking sand after being used for some time, namply leaking around the seam for the exercise adjustable velcro band.


They are made with a soft breathable fabric and the long straps make them comfortable for anyone to use. If you want to liven up your routine without spending too much, the Zensufu weights are the best budget option for you and definitely not something like the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights. Make sure the free shipping is still available when you place your order as there was a one review with someone being charged for shipping though it might not have been the fault of Zensufu.


While not as good as say the BalanceFrom GoFit Fully Adjustable Weights the ZENSUFU ANKLE WEIGHTS give a strong cheap option for anyone wanting to know if ankle and wrist weights are for them.

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