The ZENS Qi Car Charger Is Cord-Free And Worry-Free

zens qi charger

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There’s no shortage of devices that will charge your phone while you drive. Heck, there are plenty of cars that come with USB ports so you can just plug it in and charge it up off the alternator. ZENS, though, takes it one step further by taking the cord out of the equation.

Cup Charging

First of all, there’s the form factor. If you’ve ever plugged in your phone in a car, you know the cord gets everywhere and that it’s difficult to find a place to put what’s essentially a shingle on a string. So ZENS decided to make their charger fit in a cupholder. Just connect it to the power source, and you’ve got a dedicated charging spot in your car.

Easy On, Easy Off

The next step is, of course, taking the cord out altogether. ZENS, as you might remember, owns and is one of the major boosters of the Qi wireless charging system, which uses magnetic induction to charge your phone’s batteries. So, this charger pretty much takes all the pain out of plugging in. Just slot your phone into the cupholder, start the car, and drive where you need to go, without worrying about a dead phone when you get there.

An Ideal, But Not Perfect, Solution


There are, of course, a few caveats. One is that if you don’t have a phone with the Qi system installed, you’ll need to buy that and install it, which is a simple process but may involve some tweaking to your phone’s outsides. Secondly, it’ll only fit screens up to five inches; sorry, Samsung Note fans.

Still, most of us can probably use a charger that’s not only hands-free, but cord-free, especially in the car. So, for both safety and convenience, it looks like this is a winner: You can find it on Amazon for $80.

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