Some don’t put a lot of thought into their wallet, opting for something to just carry around their cash and credit cards in. While that logic works out fine for many, some want more from a wallet, which is why the new Kickstarter campaign for the ZENLET wallet was created. The intuitive wallet does more than hold your cards and cash; it brings simplicity, security and intuition into one accessory. For another high tech wallet, check out how to get the LithiumCard wallet battery pack for over 60% off.

Bulky wallets are a thing of the past with the ZENLET since it’s ultra thin and lightweight with its non-compartmental modern design that makes it easy to store your cards and cash and keeps them all organized. You’ll be able to easily select the card you need without having to fiddle around and look for it. It can hold seven cards, coins and more and it’s low profile won’t cause that bulge in your pocket that thick wallets often create.


And to make sure everything is safe and secure, the wallet features a flexible RFID-blocking and sealed design that will protect your wallet’s contents and other small items from being taken. You can also lay the convenience-based cards in front of the RFID-protected ones, so that they can easily be sensed without taking them out. So these can be your rewards cards, while your credit and bank cards are tucked away with RFID-blocking.

Since it has a sealed design, you don’t have to worry about any of your credit cards ever falling out ever again. The wallet also has a magnetic design for easy pick up and placement and comes in up to seven different colors. Pledge $29 or more and get a black or white ZENLET with a RFID blocking card or $35 for a color option with a RFID blocking card.


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