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The Zen Thermostat Is Smart and Beautiful

Home devices shouldn’t be ugly. Instead, they should work add to your home’s decor, which is exactly what the Zen thermostat will do. The smart thermostat will look beautiful on your wall and is so simple to use. Its LED screen provides uses with clear and simple feedbacks, showing just the icons that you need to see. And when left inactive, the display will fade away. It’s available in either black or white and will blend in with whatever decor you have in your home.

Just connect it to your Internet so you can control the temperatures of your home straight from your smartphone. With the Zen app, you can set the temperature of your home while you’re out or use it with your existing smart home system, including OpenHome or Apple HomeKit, to take advantage of their scheduling and energy saving apps. The Zen app also allow you to set zones when you have multiple thermostats in your home, as well as schedules to match y our routine. When you’re at home, you can touch the Zen’s display to wake it up and then use the left and right arrow keys to set the mode, while the up and down arrow sets the temperature. The project is currently looking for support on its Indiegogo campaign, with $159 getting one shipped to you in January of next year.


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