Zap Alias: An Electric Car For Under Thirty Grand


The best electric cars will cost you. Now, one thing’s hugely clear.  If you’re looking to go electric for your ride, you’ve got one of basically two choices–shelling out ridiculous amounts of bank for a pure electric ride, or going with a golf cart.  It’s not easy to find an electric ride that just anyone can afford.  But thanks to the Zap Alias, which weighs in at a (relatively) paltry thirty grand, your dreams of gasless car ownership may be closer than you dared dream.

Zap expects its Alias to do some pretty sweet specs, too–they’re looking to have this purely electric car go from zero to sixty in six seconds, AND have it do a hundred and fifty miles on one battery charge.  They’ve also got a hybrid range extender planned, so if you need to go farther you can always turn to gas.

This optimistic picture, Zap believes, will be available for the public to own within the next two years.  Will it actually make it to market, or will unexpected delays keep this sucker out of showrooms?  We’ll have to wait two years to find out, so keep your fingers crossed.


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