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Zagg Is A Folding iPhone Keyboard You’ll Actually Use

Tablets are great for casual browsing, whether it’s a lighthearted game of Alphabear or poking through the Internet to discover just who the heck that guy on Law & Order actually was. But they’re not so great for the hardcore writing, coding, and general work you’ll do, which generally demands a laptop be deployed. The Zagg, however, neatly solves a lot of problems with just a few smart design choices.


Let’s start with the obvious grouch most of us have about folding keyboards; namely, they fold in the center, creating a bizarre off-kilter board that you have to get used to, provided you ever stop hunting and pecking. If that weren’t bad enough, most of them have tiny key that more closely resemble candied gum than data input tools. The Zagg solves both problems surprisingly elegantly; it folds across the center, so there’s no weird breaks or awkward gaps between keys you have to get used to. That same strategy also allows it to have larger keys that, you know, actually fit the pad of your finger and feel like keys. It’s almost like bringing a full keyboard with you. Oh, and as for keeping your tablet stable? It comes with a built-in stand.


zagg-folding-keyboard-2It’s true that a tablet cannot take every single job you’ve got to square away on your computer; for some things, you’ll just need that laptop. But, increasingly, most everything else can be done on your tablet, and having a reasonably-sized keyboard, with a stand, can help matters considerably. Also helping matters is that the Zagg is easy on the wallet; at just $70 for the keyboard, you’ll be able to play, type, and otherwise use your tablet just like you would a computer. Besides, who doesn’t want to pop out something cool on a flight?

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