Yubz Magnum Review

In a land where product names have nothing to do with anything, Yubz reigns supreme.  Put the word Magnum next to Yubz and now you’re onto something.

The Yubz Magnum is a wireless speaker that will connect to any BlueTooth device.  The Magnum is capable of playing music as well as acting as a hands-free loudspeaker for your cell phone.

Resembling a “pleather” meat log of sorts, the Yubz Magnum is a cylindrical device with speakers on both ends.  It feels really nice actually, and is soft and lightweight.


Taking power wirelessly through 4 AA batteries or a USB wall charger, the Magnum will also accept devices through its 1/8″ input.  That means it is ready for a host of scenarios making it accessible to those un-hip to BlueTooth or wireless styles.

Setting my iPhone up to “discover” the Magnum was quick and easy and I was playing tunes wirelessly as soon as I put in the AA batteries.  Even when the iPhone 3G shut off, the music was still playing and the 30 foot range between the two allowed me to put my phone in my pocket and walk around my house.  Very cool.


What is not very cool is the barely legible button markings on the Magnum.  It’s really, really difficult to tell what the buttons read.  Even with my glasses on with a light shining down I could barely distinguish the volume buttons from the…?  Yeah it’s that bad.


In regards to the sound, the Magnum was decent.  It could go pretty loud but was heavily distorted when it got there.  Due to the way the speakers are angled, it presents an interesting stereo field, but not one that’s unlikeable.  I didn’t mind the distortion too much actually, and you can really tell that the Yubz meat log is working its little ass of to bang out some tunes for you.

The loudspeaker feature was more novelty than anything else and while it works fine I probably never really use it just for that.  That basically means that I never use it to make a call but would take a call through it if I was already playing music.


The Magnum comes with a handy carrying case that lets you use it while on the go.  It has a shoulder strap and also what appears to be bike handlebar attachment straps.  Or you can wear it around your forearm.  What I didn’t like about that case was that it was hard to align the input jacks with with the cords because the holes are so small and everything is so black it’s difficult to see what you are doing.


Despite some flaws in design and performance the Yubz Magnum still finds itself in a good place among other similar gadgets.  The loudness and the wireless BlueTooth connectivity should attract consumers far and wide as this is a great item for the beach, campsite, or any other place you need loud music.  The BlueTooth feature should also allow groups with multiple iPhone users to connect back and forth and compliment each other on how tech they are.  Just stock up on some rechargeable AA batteries and you are good to go.

I like this product much better than the eWoo eFizz iPod Dock I reviewed a while back, and the Yubz is a lot cheaper.  Just for the record, my buddy Naiche’ has a Gen 1 iPhone and could not connect to the Yubz Magnum.  I’ll also mention that this does not work wirelessly with the “I Am T-Pain” App unfortunately.


  • Loud
  • Easy to connect (iPhone 3G)
  • Competitive price


  • Distortion
  • Illegible buttons
  • Carrying case could be easier to use

Buy the Yubz Magnum here for $65!

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  1. I just cannot fathom the basically INVISIBLE control buttons on this Bluetooth speaker. Duh! How big of a design committe did it take to vote “Yes, we think it should have obscure unidentifiable buttons for pairing and whatnot – oh and lets use a deep-grain leather texture to make the controls even harder to identify!”.

    Just sad. The Bluetooth speaker market is finally gaining critical mass – and we end up with a poorly thought-out gizmo like this? Ugh! Yubz should to making portable speaker carry cases, at least it looks like they got that part right.

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