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As number 2 in the best atv battery buying guide, the yuasa yuam320bs ytx20l bs battery is a chrome battery that uses agm technology to provide maintenance free operation. Customer reviews often say that this is the best motorcycle battery, saying that it’s a good quality maintenance free battery.

Why We Like It – Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L BS Battery

The Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L BS Battery comes fully charged, is low maintenance, and powerful. This high quality bs sealed battery is a motorcycle battery with enough cranking power to help start up your vehicle during the winter- the season of inconvenienced drivers and frustrating road conditions.

  • Sealed battery
  • Has an absorbed glass mat
  • Spill-proof
  • Expensive
  • Heavy


Sealed batteries like this are high performance maintenance free batteries, and this model is no exception. With 270 cold cranking amps, it can help start up vehicles that have been sitting in cold weather for too long. The yuasa battery is able to be used for Harley Davidson motorcycles, while other motorcycle batteries like the Chrome Battery Ytx12 Bs Igel Agm battery can be used for motorcycles such as the Honda FourTrax Recon.


This sealed lead acid battery is spill-proof, has glass mat separators, and doesn’t require the user to add water to it. It’s a rechargeable battery that is compatible with battery tender chargers and maintainers. However, this battery is 14 Lbs., making it heavier than the Chrome Battery YTX14 BS battery that weighs 9.7 Lbs. Also, while both rechargeable batteries are tough and versatile, the chrome battery is heavy duty while the yuasa battery isn’t.


This battery is more expensive than the expertpower 12v9ah ytx9-bs agm battery due to both its power and the lead-calcium technology it contains. Both are sealed maintenance free lead acid batteries, but yuasa batteries in general have better cranking power. However, the expert power battery has the advantage of versatility, as it can be used for motor scooters, touring motorcycles, cruising motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles while the yuasa battery can only be used for touring and cruising motorcycles.

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L BS Battery Wrap Up

Customer reviews of this verified purchase have rated this a great battery to the point of being featured in “The Best Motorcycle Batteries” video. They also said that the customer service is helpful and dependable. However, before buying a new battery, make sure it’s compatible with your vehicle/ application of choice. You’ll have to make that decision before the last one gets sold.

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