YoUP is an Inflatable Standing Desk That’s More Useful Than It Sounds

Okay, okay, now that we’ve stopped laughing at the name (it actually looks better on the logo, but the capitalization on Kickstarter is…unfortunate), let’s talking about standing desks. Conversion models have been around forever, and some have even made it onto our best standing desks of 2019 list. They turn an ordinary desk into a standing desk, and often come with accessories and adjustable surfaces, too. YoUP is…a bit different than the usual.

It may not be the best electric standing desk, but it does the job.

First, it’s inflatable. It starts off flat, but when you pull it apart and give it a few bursts of air you quickly get a little box with a fuzzy top, ready to place your laptop. The makers claim that it can hold up to 11 pounds without any problem. It also comes in two sizes, one at 10 inches and one at 14 inches.

YoUP may look odd, but there’s a method to its madness.

At this point you may be wondering why we’re talking about this at all: You have to blow YoUP with your mouth, it’s not adjustable, and – what keeps it from wobbling, anyway? But there’s more to this gadget than meets the eye. First, we do like the idea of have such a compact, carry anywhere standing desk solution. Sure, it may be a little awkward to use, but it’s a great idea for business flights or other situations where you really need a standing option because of back pain, etc.

Second, it’s not as low-tech as it may first look. Inside that puffy bock is a set of proximity sensors that can monitor if you are sitting or standing. The sensors beam that information to your smartphone and tracks your progress. You get a profile, a coach, a dashboard, and connections to common personal trackers like FitBit and Apple Health. This option is useful for making sure you are standing at least as much as you sit, and getting plenty of healthy movement time in during your long hours at work.

YoUP still has a long way to go before meeting its crowdfunding goals. However, you can help get an early and very affordable price by pledging $44, which lets you choose your own size and color if the investment goes through.

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