Younity Wants To Be Your Personal Cloud (video)

Are you tired of having to synch your devices and fed up of not being able to access your files? If you answered yes, then you should definitely look into Younity. Created by Entangled Media, the app allows you to have access to  your data without having to decide up front which files you might want access to before putting them in the cloud. With Younity, you have access to all your files without the need to upload anything. The app makes all of your devices work as if they were one devices. You can access every single file you have – music, photos, documents, playlists, videos and so much more – from any device you own.

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So instead of uploading and storing files in the cloud, the app leaves them on the device they’re stored in and still allows you to access them from any device. Younity is an auto-updating filesystem on any of your iOS devices that has various levels of metadata organization. All you have to do is install the desktop app on your Windows PC or Mac and then download the free iOS app. Once indexing your data is done after a few minutes, you’ll be able to pull up your files on y our iPhone or iPad. You’ll have to keep your computer on to access your files though and an Android version is currently in the works. Younity also protects your privacy since no data is stored online. They can’t see your data or access any of your files.


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