YI 1080p Home Security Camera Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Need a nest cam that’s easily hidden? A surveillance camera that you can trust? Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your newborn child, or your pet when you’re away from home. The Yi 1080p Home Security Camera might just be what you are looking for. Its incredibly accurate motion detection feature is incomparable, that’s why most people regard it as the best home security camera.

Why We Like It – YI 1080p Home Security Camera

Small in size, easily hidden, and built with emergency response, this may earn its place is an excellent option for keeping an eye on kids, pets, or your home.

  • Motion detection can be adjusted
  • Optional emergency response
  • Has local and cloud storage available
  • Limited to 2.4GHz Wi Fi connection
  • Strictly for use indoors

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Shooting in 1080p, the YI 1080p Home Security Cameras already fit in with the top surveillance cameras on our list. It can then transmit, in real time, video footage. As for night vision, it does a great job matching the performance of the AMICCOM Home Security Camera. Should you opt-in, the YI 1080p Home Security Camera has a built-in emergency response, a must-have when away from your home.

One particularly great feature of the YI 1080p Smart Home Camera is its motion detection. The YI technology inside is so advanced, you’ll have to adjust it to prevent motion alerts from going off all day. When you’re away, motion detected alerts will be sent to you on the YI Home app.


Like the Ring Indoor Home Security Camera, the YI 1080p Home Security Camera is strictly a nest cam, though one with a wide angle lens. This dome camera is meant for the outside, but rather indoors as a safety measure or, better yet, as a baby monitor; in fact, if it detects a baby crying, it’ll send an alert to you. It isn’t built for weather, so if that’s what you want, you’re better off going with the Blink XT2 3 Camera System.


There’s a lot of value the YI 1080p Home Security Camera can bring to your home, from superb human detection to live feed. And you get all that it offers for a measly $20, which is $5 cheaper than the Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Camera. Now, it should be pointed out that you only get one camera. The best deal is grabbing four, and planting them around the house.

Another awesome feature is the combination of local storage and cloud service. The camera can use micro SD cards, but are limited to microSD cards of 64GB of storage. As for its cloud service, you can save up to a week’s worth of recordings for free, only a weekly basis. After a week is up, clips are deleted and the week starts over. There are additional plans, but are monetized.

YI 1080p Home Security Camera Wrap Up

The YI 1080p Home Security Camera is meant to live inside your home, so its limitations—2.4GHZ-only connection—are easy to overlook. In return, you get a nest cam that is perfect for keeping an eye on kids and pets. And should someone attempt to break in, and captured by motion detection, an emergency response can kick-in.

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