YHCWJZP Electric Automatic Blender Supplies Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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While not included in the best automatic pot stirrer buying guide, the yhcwjzp egg beater/ electric stirrer is a tool that stirs lighter recipes in addition to whisking eggs. A simple recipe sometimes only needs a simple tool: Kitchen tools/kitchen supplies are capable of being too complicated and have more features than necessary. However, a lot of the best kitchen gadgets tend to avoid this problem.

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Why We Like It – YHCWJZP Electric Automatic Blender Supplies

For an amazingly low price, the YHCWJZP Electric Automatic Blender Supplies are useful for whisking eggs and overall blending together light ingredients, as they can stir for hours. All it takes is just one push of a button. They also have a very high heat resistance and can be used to stir ingredients in pot and pans. If you need a stirrer for preserves, soups and sauces, check out our Ardente Gourmet Stirrer Color Black review.

  • 3 stirring speeds
  • Can stir for about 4 hours
  • High heat resistance
  • Require batteries
  • Not powerful


This automatic egg beater has 3 stirring speeds and can be used for a variety of pots and pans. When given a simple enough task, the stirrer can do that task right. However, a blender/ kitchen stirrer utensil like this can only be used to stir things such as eggs, pudding, and soup, as it’s not a very powerful stirrer, not even when compared to stirrers such as the Uutensil Saucepan Stirrer that have a similar handheld design. Want to add a little French flair to your cooking, check out the Sous Vide Supreme review.


With stirring legs made of stainless steel and feet made of silicon resin, it can withstand temperatures as hot as 572 °F. The legs themselves are dishwasher safe, and the compartment for the batteries can only be hand washed. Unfortunately, it can’t be recharged and requires 3 AA batteries, unlike the saki automatic auto stirrer. Also unlike the saki stirrer, this stirrer has to be monitored and shouldn’t be left unattended since it has no way to keep itself balanced as it stirs.


While the pricing is nothing short of extremely merciful, this beater/ whisk mixer blender/ kitchen stirrer doesn’t do much in comparison to a lot of the more powerful alternative pot stirrers. Although it’s much more expensive in comparison, the StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer has more power to the point of being able to stir thicker recipes such as porridges, risotto, cheese curd, and chili. The yhcwjzp egg beater is only good for very light and very simple recipes.

YHCWJZP Electric Automatic Blender Supplies Wrap Up

Customer reviews have noted that while it can be used to stir more than just eggs, it should only be used for stirring lighter ingredients together. Any attempt to stir heavier items would either require the user to hold the stirrer if it can even stir it, or the stirrer will completely stop moving due to being overpowered by the ingredients.

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