Yeti Sports: Pingu Throw Review


Is there an official count on exactly how many games are in the App Store? Thousands I’d imagine with more and more arriving every week. I got the chance to play the first installment of Yeti Sports iPhone game called Pingu Throw.

Brutally simple, Pingu Throw is like a home run derby with penguins. The Yeti is the batter and the penguin is the ball, so to speak. The goal is to see how far you can blast the penguin along some stretch of frozen tundra. The controls are literally two presses anywhere on the screen. One to launch the penguin and the other to make the Yeti swing the bat. Once airborne, you use the accelerometer to guide the penguin through the air. Depending on the trajectory of your penguin you can catch air gusts that keep you afloat longer and thus a greater score.

There are a few different levels that add some variables into the mix, like flocks of birds that you can bounce off of in order to stay in the air. The birds will also carry fish in their claws that you can collect to add to your score.

The graphics are basic and crisp as the game is entirely in 2D. The game is as straight forward as they come and has no real learning curve because the controls are so basic. The music for the menu screens is bold and the sound effects are actually pretty cute. The penguin lets you know he’s not getting hurt and he’s all for the . The Yeti makes no sound and is the gentle giant type. Pingu Throw also features online score boards and a classic mode that has no birds flying around. Also cool is the fact that if you know you have a lame launch you can just shake the iPhone and the entire round will reset.

For $3, I think Yeti Sports: Pingu Throw is a bit pricey for what it is. While being fun for a while, it does grow stale. The advent of the Accelerometer is a great novelty and I enjoyed that aspect the most about Pingu Throw. The biggest complaint on the App Store is that I guess there are about 6 Yeti Sports games playable online and that most people are pissed that they aren’t all included. Having not previously known that, I still think Pingu Throw would see more buyers at the $1 price point. It’s a fun game that takes no learning, has fast loading, and you can play it quickly. If you’ve got cash to burn or have an iTunes gift card itching to be spent I suggest Yeti Sports: Pingu Throw for an accessible, but short good time.

Yet Sports Review


  • Easy & Fun
  • Fast loading and level reset times


  • No depth for price point ($3)

You can buy it here for $3

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