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Updated June 27, 2022
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The manufacturers of the Yepzon Freedom tracker claim that it is one of the best GPS trackers in the market, and we think it has what it takes to back up their stance. The Yepzon GPS tracker is a personal safety device that comes with an SOS button to send out a location signal to the handler incase of an emergency, and is capable of tracking the holder of the tracker from anywhere across the world. The tracker can be used to make sure you stay aware of your loved one’s movements, whether it’s your kid moving back and forth from school, or an elderly relative that enjoys being outdoors. Could it be the best GPS tracker for your needs? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Yepzon Freedom

The Yepzon Freedom tracker relies on Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS signals to track down your loved ones, so that you’re always in the know whenever they move about. The tracker looks good, works perfectly and comes with three user modes that you can choose from.

  • No contract subscription
  • 3 User modes
  • Shock and Splash proof
  • Fees charged for roaming countries


The Yepzon Freedom GPS tracker stands out from its competitors in a number of interesting ways. Unlike the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker, it can be used solely for emergency cases through the use of its SOS button, where you can send out information about your exact coordinates when lost or in trouble. It can also work as a GPS locator where the handler continuously tracks a loved one’s movements through the Yepzon app. If you want it to function as both, there’s that user mode as well, but the always-on mode might end up draining the battery very fast. Speaking of which, the battery life of the tracker is about 1-2 days when on always-on mode, and a week when on the other less demanding settings.

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At first blush, the Yepzon tracker looks very identical to a car key fob, and also borrows its design blueprint from its discontinued predecessor, the Yepzone One. It’s almost as small as the Tracki 2020 GPS Tracker, and is built to withstand a bit of rough handling since it is both shock and splash proof. It’s only available in black, and has a key with the Y shape that functions as the SOS button. Included with it is a key ring that you can use to attach to your other set of keys, to a belt loop or to your kid’s bag so that you’ll always be able to track their movements. You may also want to go through our Whistle GPS Pet Tracker review for a tracker that is easy to use.


Registering for the Yepzon Freedom GPS tracking service is simple and straightforward, and their data packages are actually very competitive compared to what you’ll get with other trackers like the PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker for example. Yepzon’s prices start from $5 a month, and don’t include any activation or cancelling fees. GPS tracking updates from the Yepzon tracker can be set to your phone in every 1, 2, 3, 4 or at any other interval of time between 1 & 20 minutes, and this can be set up on the Yepzon mobile app. The tracker relies on GPS, a cellular network, and Wi-Fi for indoor tracking, and will not require you to sign any contracts once you begin using it. You’ll also be able to track several devices on one phone, or one device on several phones depending on how you want to set it up.

Yepzon Freedom Wrap Up

The Yepzon Freedom works in a wide variety of applications, and is a reliable choice if you’re looking to have peace of mind about your loved one’s whereabouts. It’s a reliable tracker that doesn’t cost too much per month, and is small enough to carry around easily.

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