Protect Yourself With The Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Battery Extender Case (video)

Yellow Jacket stun gun case

We live in a dangerous world and it’s a no brainer that you need to protect yourself. Well why not protect yourself and your iPhone with the  Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Battery Extender Case that will protect more than  your iPhone 4/4S. There’s a 650K-volt stun gun that’s concealed inside the case, which is lough, bright and will be painful to anyone you stun. But besides protecting you from a possible threat, it will also act as a battery extender that will provide one full battery charge for your phone.

Activation in stun mode sends 650,000V of electricity flowing from the case’s electrodes and into an assailant upon contact to provide an opportunity to escape any posing danger you might face. And it comes with a safety switch and rotating electrode cap help prevent accidental firing. There’s a rubber sleeve that wraps around the phone to provide added protection with a smooth look and feel. Colors available include black and pink and a case for the iPhone 5 and Android Galaxy S are in the works. Protect yourself now for only $139.95.


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