Yantouch Black Diamond 3 Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker Review

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Updated March 18, 2023
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Yantouch Bluetooth3

Well, apparently diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Taiwanese company Yantouch, more known for their creative mood lamps and clocks, just sent me a black diamond– a Black Diamond 3 to be exact. Black Diamond 3 is snazzy and one of the best Bluetooth speakers with wireless remote control. It has turned my 9 yr old’s room into a strobe light, color-filled child disco–and she couldn’t be happier.

The Black Diamond 3 takes the company’s cool mood light tech and marries it with a wireless Bluetooth 2.1 speaker. The result is a single device that will not only surprise you with its audio playback performance, but also with all the cool lighting features. It comes with the Black Diamond 3 speaker, AC wall adapter, and Bluetooth power cable, plus the remote control.

Yantouch Bluetooth2

Unlike the Xleader Sound Angel Bluetooth speaker, the Yantouch speaker uses a bass resonance tube to amplify lows and give enhanced volume and loudness from its organ-style design. The color palette consists of 16 million colors that can be tweaked to display several relaxing ambient lighting patterns. The Black Diamond actually houses two speakers (left and right) plus a subwoofer for a complete 2.1 channel stereo system. The instant I turned it on I was amazed. Music is full and voluminous for such a tiny speaker. You also want to read through our Yubz Magnum Bluetooth Speaker review for a portable speaker that you can use outside.

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With the included remote control you can set the lighting to match the flow of the changing music beat for an interactive music experience similar to a visual equalizer. The speaker receives music wirelessly over Bluetooth. However, it needs power for the lighting and that’s where the AC adapter comes in. The remote can also power the Black Diamond 3 on and off, control volume, audio playback with play, pause and track skipping, and adjust the “Flow” and “Mono Color”… You can set it to flash 1 of 8 single colors or “Flash Rainbow”. You also use the remote to control lighting brightness, lighting effect style (3 modes), and the tempo of the lighting modes. Turn the Black Diamond 3 around and you’ll find a nice little housing for the remote to call home. It’s a pretty feature-rich little device.

Yantouch Bluetooth

The Black Diamond 3 makes a fantastic gift for any music lover. But for my 9yr old, her room is now like a third-level club scene. I can control the speaker and the music she listens to remotely via Bluetooth all while she rocks out to the Black Diamond 3’s seemingly living colors with her bedroom light off. Moreover, when the party ends she’s got a really cool night light to sleep by. The audio sounds fantastic–no better or worse than a consumer-level 2.1 desktop speaker set. Plus the thing is just fun to play with and watch as the colors literally dance in new ways to each new music track. Check out our Wren V5Pf Wireless Audio System review for another attractive Bluetooth speaker.

My two main complaints are the mandatory power cord and the price tag. I would love a battery option as an alternative and $120 bucks it’s just too rich for many to spend on such a diminutive speaker setup. But if you got the cash to spend and don’t mind the tethered power source, then you and yours are in for some fun music listening.

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Bottom Line: The Yantouch Black Diamond 3 wireless Bluetooth 2.1 speaker is pretty slick. It sounds great for the size and is really fun for adults and kiddies.


  • Surprisingly impressive sound quality
  • Handy wireless remote
  • Numerous cool mood lighting settings


  • Expensive
  • Wireless audio but tethered power source.

The Yantouch Black Diamond 3 is available on Amazon for $120!

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