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Yankee Stadium Will Let Fans Use Fingerprints To Jump The Line

One of the many inconveniences of attending a live game of any professional sport is that thousands of people need to be filtered into a building with only a handful of entrances. Major League Baseball is making that problem worse by mandating that every single fan be screened before every single game. Yankee Stadium, at least, is trying make things faster by installing a biometric system.

All Clear

It’s run through Clear, which is something frequent travelers have probably heard about at least once or twice. Clear is a biometric verification system; you sign up by offering up some identification, and they verify you. Once you’re verified, you can go into the “pre-screened” line. Sadly, you will still need to have your bags checked; they can’t have you sneaking in any food or water, after all. Who would pay $10 for a hot dog otherwise? Oh, and, of course, you can pay Clear $180 a year for the privilege of skipping the line at the airport. But at least you’ll skip the embarrassing security bits. Well, in theory, anyway.


fingerprint-securityThe main issue with Clear is that fingerprint biometrics can very easily be fooled; ask anybody who taught Touch ID to scan their nipple. Secondly, it’s not terribly clear how secure this information is, either, which can be kind of an issue. Finally, there is the question of just what this will actually achieve. It looks like Clear doesn’t even bother with background checks; it seems like if they want to make sports events safer, they might want to tighten their standards. But, hey, surely a blatant attempt to get people to buy a $180 service they might not need in a tent outside a sports stadium won’t go wrong. Right?

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