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Yaletown Loft is a Bachelor Pad We’d Gladly Party In

Building the ultimate bachelor pad could be a massive headache.  There are too many options and just too many of pieces of tech that can be crammed into the usually one to two bedroom abode.  That’s why we’ll gladly take the Yaletown Loft in Vancouver.

The loft is actually a conversion from a 1921 warehouse.  Though the actual work took place in 1996, it received a makeover in 2010 to retain that warehouse look by emphasizing the brick walls and beamed cieling.  The home’s interior measures just a mere 1000 square feet, but the design team seems to have taken advantage of what little space is available.  There appears to be a vast array of kitchen appliances, which are complemented by exceptionally high countertops, perfect for anyone standing higher than 5-foot 10-inches, and a built-in ice crevice for bottled and canned beers as far as the eye can see.  The home theater area is juxtaposed by a massive set of windows, which we hope for the sake of movie darkness includes a set of motorized blackout shades.  Lastly, the outlets have been sleekly embedded into the walls, ensuring that the home’s interior aesthetic isn’t disturbed by unsightly plastic electric panels.

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  1. Ha. A thousand square feet is hardly considered “small” by Yaletown standards. This would easily fetch north of $1 million.

    • gadgetreview

      Second that.  Can’t be cheap…needless to say.

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