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The Nobel is a fantastic option especially if you’re buying a 3D printer for the first time. The printer is designed with a closed printing area and uses its very own XYZware Nobel as printing software. The printer has a build volume of 7.9 by 5 by 5 inches that’s not that large, but is indeed enough for home use. The printer also has an automatic resin feeding system that frees the user from keeping tabs on the level of resin in the bottle. With all its features, the Noble could be the best 3D printer you can find at such a low price.

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Why We Like It – XYZprinting

XYZ’s Nobel printer is a great choice for 3D printing that uses advanced stereolithography printing technology and allows for the use of third-party resin. The printer has a straightforward printing process and has an easy plug-and-play setup procedure. Also, take a look at the innovative LIX Pen UV, a 3D printing pen that lets you write in the air.

  • Automatic resin feeding system
  • Closed 3D printing chamber
  • Can print from a USB
  • Slow print speed
  • High printing costs


The Nobel 3D Printer comes with a closed printing chamber and works with photosensitive resin & ultraviolet lasers in place of plastic filament. In terms of its print speed, the printer manages around 10 hours on 0.1mm, and about 30 hours on the finer 0.05mm setting, but it does not manage to beat the Zortrax M200 which works at a rate of 100mm per second. This is a bit slow compared to most models, but the print quality is impressive. When printing, its print bed moves up and down and is raised one layer at a time. The resin that’s used is found just under the print head, and on a clear tray that allows UV light to shine through and harden it.


XYZprinter’s Nobel 1.0 comes in a compact size and measures 23.2 by 11 by 13.2 inches. It does however have a height that rises to more than 2 feet when its cover is on. Compared to the da Vinci Mini, this Nobel printer is a bit larger, and their build volumes are almost the same size. The Nobel printer also has a 2.6 inch LCD display panel unlike the LulzBot Mini 3D printer (that doesn’t have any display) and is able to print directly from a USB drive.


This is a 3D printer that uses stereolithography printing overprinting with plastic filament, making it slightly more expensive per print in the long run. Both ABS & PLA filament are less expensive compared to 1 kg of resin that goes for more than $100. In this regard, you’ll save a lot more money when you use a plastic filament printer just because of the affordable filament spool. If you prefer to use a plastic Fused Filament Fabrication though, the Ultimaker 2 Extended is a great alternative to consider.

XYZprinting Wrap Up

As far as this printer review is concerned, the XYZprinting Nobel 3D may be an earlier release than the XYZ printing da Vinci, but it still remains a considerable alternative if you’re looking to do some low-volume printing. If not, then there are 3 other da Vinci printers that you can also consider, but be prepared to cough up some decent amount of money.

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