If there’s one thing that we can’t ever get enough of, it’s juice for our devices. We always need more power. Whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, it is a constant cycle of using and charging.

Luckily, these days our gadgets are easier than ever to charge up. You don’t even need wires to do it. When it comes to wireless chargers for your smartphone, Xvida has a great selection.

Ditch the Wire and Give Your Phone Freedom While Charging

You can shop their collection of Xvida Magnetic Wireless Power 2 Charging Docks at the website. This series is designed for fast wireless charging and mounting at home or on the go. They support dual-mode fast charging for your iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and quick charge technology for Samsung flagship phones.

Whether you are rocking a brand new model phone or not, these gadgets are convenient. If you haven’t gone wireless yet when it comes to charging your phone, this is a great time to do so.

Xvida Magnetic Wireless Power 2 Charging Docks
Xvida’s charging docks are fast and portable.

Keep your Smartphone Charged While on the Go

You can choose from wireless charging desk stands, Pads to dock your phone to the wall or other surfaces, suction mounts, vent mounts that attach to your car’s AC vent, there’s even one that mounts into your CD slot. They more or less have wireless charging docks for any and every situation.

These chargers allow you to keep your phone within easy reach and fully charged. One great benefit of wireless charging is that you can easily use all your apps and stream music while on the go.

When you ditch the wires, you eliminate the hassle. Wireless Charging Systems like these are the easiest and most efficient way to charge your phone. The magnetic aspect means that all you have to do is put your phone on the dock and it locks in place. No fiddling with connectors or cases. One touch and you’re done. It’s the most convenient way to charge your phone because you don’t need to stop what you’re doing.

Xvida’s wireless charging docks are fast, durable, reliable and portable.

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