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xtrfy m42 rgb review

Xtrfy M42 Rgb Review

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The Xtrfy M42 RGB is a good option if you need a lightweight wireless gaming mouse with excellent build quality, suitable for various hand sizes and grip types. Unfortunately, scroll wheel functionality is relatively basic. The right-click button also has problems with double-clicking.

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our Verdict

The Xtrfy M42 RGB offers users excellent build quality and an ambidextrous shape perfect for left- and right-handed use. It is comfortable to use, and gamers benefit from a rubberized scroll wheel for a firmer grip.

Unfortunately, the mouse is wired only, denying users the convenience of operating their machine remotely. Furthermore, the scroll wheel lacks tilt functions and thus cannot unlock for free scrolling.

There have also been reports of a common double-click issue with the right-click button, which may concern some users. Nevertheless, the Xtrfy M42 RGB presents gamers with an excellent choice for those seeking enhanced performance and durability in a lightweight mouse.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight gaming mouse (59grams)
  • Magnificent aesthetics and flawless performance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Symmetrical shape comfortable for most hand sizes and grip types
  • Configurable DPI and Polling Rate without software
  • Good mouse feet and nice button clicks

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks wireless functionality
  • The scroll wheel lacks tilt functions and free-scrolling
  • The cable is a bit stiff and could be more flexible
  • Double click issue with right click button (common with Omron switches)


  • Adjustable Weight
  • Handedness
    Ambidextrous, Right and left-handed
  • Max DPI
    16000 dpi
  • Min DPI
  • Number Of Buttons
  • Wireless
  • Wireless Connectivity


The Xtrfy M42 RGB Mouse is a top-tier wired gaming mouse released in December 2020. It has a weight of 59 grams and boasts an ergonomic design, comfortable for palm, fingertip, and claw grip.

Explore our best computer mouse guide for similar options. This device has seven non-programmable buttons and a quiet, rubberized scroll wheel. It features an Xtrfy Ezcord that is 5.9 feet(70.8 inches) long for wired USB connectivity.

Consistent with options in the best gaming mouse category, the Xtrfy M42 RGB Mouse has PTFE skates for a smoother glide and a click latency of 7.4 ms. It has an ambidextrous shape and customizable DPI settings that reach a maximum of 16,000DPI.

The RGB lighting in this mouse is adjustable, and its sensors are optical PixArt for smooth tracking. This device is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

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