Xtrememac’s InCharge Mobile Battery Pack Delivers 2300mAh

Xtrememac is going for the so-much-electricity-it’ll-suddenly-become-sentinent effect with its new InCharge Mobile battery pack/protective case for the iPhone 4. Just revealed at CES, if you hear of iPhones coming alive, banding up and terrorizing innocent neighbourhoods, it’ll be this beasts fault.

It’s got 2300mAh of juice, an on-off switch, and an integrated kickstand, bumping its price to $79.99.

Frankly, big battery or not, the kickstand makes the iPhone look too much like an old-timey radio for my tastes. Of course, Xtrememac desribes it as “low profile, sleek rechargeable battery pack and protective case”, but I ain’t buying any of that. Had they made it brown with wooden texture, it would have gotten up by itself and teleported back to the 50’s.


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