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Xperia Z Goes On Sale Tomorrow at T-Mobile for $99.99

Xperia Z

Starting today you can preorder (it ships tomorrow) Sony’s Xperia Z directly from T-Mobile for $99.99.  You’ll of course need to commit to 24 payments for the next 24 months at $20 a piece.  Final price: $579.99. But wait, there is more.  T-Mobile is willing to toss in a Sony Bluetooth speaker valued at $60 until 7/23. And for a limited time you’ll be able to pick up the handset in Purple – the standard color is black.

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The Sony Xperia Z is the company’s newest smartphone boasting a 5-inch screen with a full HD resolution.  There is also a water resistant body that measures 7.9mm thick, a 13MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, a microSD car slot, 2GB of RAM, and the usual assortment of other smartphone features. However, the Xperia Z isn’t sporting the latest processor like the S4 or the HTC One – on board is the quickly aging Snapdragon S4 processor (my Nexus 4 is still speedy enough, though).

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