XM Snap! From Sirius Makes Car Radio Easy


Let’s talk about satellite radio for car. If you’ve got a Sirius XM subscription, or could coax yourself into getting one, this little snap on radio is right for your car. Unlike more classic units, the XM Snap! is a simple device and one that is very easy to install – just plug it into your car’s cigarette adapter.

It’s basically a small black screen suspended on a black plastic arm, making its position easy to adjust, and it does the actual playing through the vehicle’s existing radio or sound system. It’s got a wheel to sort through channels, two arrow keys for switching categories, and a few preset keys for storing your favorites.

The XM Snap! comes bundled with a magnetic mount antenna that attaches to most surfaces in or on your car – though you’ll still have to use a wire to connect it – and costs $60.


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