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Xiaomi Power Bank Review

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The Xiaomi Power Bank boasts an impressive array of features for a standard price-point. Among some of its most notable include a 93 percent conversion rate, slim and stylish design, and a power button to toggle between regular and low-power charging modes. Check out our best portable chargers to see how others stack up against the Xiaomi Power Bank.

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Why We Like It – Xiaomi Power Vank

Portable chargers seem to be all the rage nowadays. And who can resist them? Anything that saves you from having to carry around a wall charger all day, not to mention actually trying to find an outlet when you’re out and about or at a single place–and even then then trying to find a free outlet–is something anyone can embrace. And Xiaomi Power is a good source to end all this frustration. For another high quality phone charger option, take a look at our review of the Fuelbox phone charger.

  • 93 Percent Conversion Rate
  • Large Battery Capacity
  • Power Button for Low-Power Charging
  • Older Quick Charge Technology
  • No USB-C Output

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The Xiaomi Power Bank supports Fast Charging and pass-through charging. The USB-C jackery portable charger port is for input only and is the one that supports fast charging, while the USB-A port supports quick charge. Specifically, it supports Qualcomm Quickcharge 2.0. Unfortunately, this is an older version of quick charge technology. According to Xiaomi, the power bank retains a 93 percent conversion rate and, based on research, this assertion has proven true. While the battery is a juicy 10000mAH, the Anker PowerCore 20100mAH has nearly twice the power should you absolutely need it. If you prefer wireless charging, check out our 7 wireless charging options for your smartphone.


The Mi Power Bank is slim, stylish, easy to hold and get around, and has a large battery capacity. Everything you want in a power bank. It measures 5.1”x2.9”x0.5” (HWD) making it about the same size as your average smartphone and thus easy to carry in your bag or your pocket. If you require a smaller portable charger, the Jackery Portable Charger Bar 6000mAH is the smallest, lightest, and most compact portable charger available. The top and bottom of the Xiaomi Power Bank is coated in plastic and there is a reset button that lets you stop and start charging to your discretion.


Uncommon for most power banks, the Xiaomi Power Bank boasts an actual, live power button. The power button is there to toggle between low-power charging mode which you can access with a double click. This is useful for charging low-power devices like bluetooth headsets or fitness bands and for saving battery life on the device itself. It retails for $42.00 on Amazon, which is average considering its suite of features. The INIU Portable Charger 10000mAH is nearly half that price and is one of the best budget-friendly power banks on the market should you want to spend less.

Xiaomi Power Vank Wrap Up

The Xiaomi Power Bank will be a welcome addition to anybody’s suite of stress-saving technology supplies. The lack of a USB-C output and older quick charge technology may turn some people off. And at $42.00 it’s hard to make an argument that this turn-off is unreasonable. But those who can get past it will no doubt have found a valuable device worthy of their attention.

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