Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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92 Expert Rating

If the best smartphone in your mind is something affordable and around mid-range performance, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 makes a fantastic argument. It tiptoes towards the best large screen phone, especially with its great display quality. And its camera is no lightweight, competing directly with the best low light camera phone.

Why We Like It – Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Packing an incredible 108-megapixel camera, good battery life, and vivid display, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 manages to impress at every turn and prevent its lesser features from overshadowing it.

  • Fantastic 108-megapixel main camera
  • Great display at that price range
  • Still has a headphone jack
  • Chipset needs an upgrade

Overall Performance

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 isn’t the best Chinese smartphone, and for one reason: its Snapdragon 730G chipset. It isn’t terrible, not by any measure, but it would’ve benefited from a Snapdragon 850 or above. It isn’t to improve gaming performance, but its rear cameras. It puts the Huawei P30 Pro’s 40MP to shame, jumping to 108-megapixels. Colors are vivid, but not oversaturated, pairing nicely with Vlog Mode. For nighttime, you’ll benefit greatly from Night Mode, though it isn’t anything special. Accompanying the 108MP camera is: 12MP telephoto lens (with 5x optical zoom), 20MP ultrawide angle camera, and 2MP macro camera. The front camera is 32-megapixels, which is more than you’d ever need.

Battery Life

With fast charging, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 doubles down on its great battery life. While not lasting much longer than the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it can go for several days depending on the work you give it. For normal use, however, you’ll probably put it to bed on the charger for the night.


Just under the Apple iPhone 11 Pro in terms of resolution, the display looks just as impressive. It makes use of its 1080 x 2340 resolution well on a 6.47-inch canvas—especially with its near-perfect color saturation and overall presentation. It isn’t often mid-range smartphones have amazing displays such as the Mi Note 10, which also houses an in-screen fingerprint sensor.


Unlike the Apple iPhone 11, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 lacks an IP rating, so keep water and dust far away from it. On the bright side, it’s pretty tough otherwise. It has an aluminum frame sandwiched between Gorilla Glass 5, on both sides. if you want a smartphone with a high IP rating then you should review the Doogee S90, which has a IP68/IP69 ingress rating.


The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 might just be the best way to get your hands on a mid-range smartphone—especially one of this caliber. Despite its average chipset, it still handles its processes and camera better than you’d expect, and that display is nothing to scoff at. If you’re on a budget, the Mi Note 10 is your best shot.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Wrap Up

While a better chipset would’ve greatly helped the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, it did little to stop it from being a good smartphone. It has everything you’d ever want from a mid-range affordable handset: great camera quality, snappy performance, and will feel good in your hands. And it still has a headphone jack!

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