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XenStand Ergonomic Office Desk Review

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Updated January 25, 2022
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The office is not always great for health. Working at a desk all day is not good for your health. I think we all know that by now. It can lead to headaches, backaches, and much more serious problems. The human body was meant to move, not sit all day. This is why standing desks are so popular. If you’re looking for more desk recommendations, check out our best standing desks reviews.

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Work Smarter and Feel Better

They get us on our feet and help keep us in motion. Another solution is the XenStand Ergonomic Office Desk from WellDesk. This laptop desk accessory was designed by an engineer who was tired of five-years of daily headaches. So he set out to develop a lightweight, ergonomically-correct product that could help relieve posture-related problems, like stiffness and muscle cramps. It helps you keep your space well-organized and most of all, comfortable.


Easy to use
Easy to assemble
Doesn’t take up much desk space

Feels like the pieces could fit together tighter

It lifts your monitor to eye level so that you can still use a keyboard and mouse while sitting up straight. This should help eliminate a lot of those aches and pains. It consists of just a few wood pieces that form together to create an elevated stand for your laptop. You can create several different angles, so it is very versatile.

The Xenstand is about as simple as a gadget can get. You just form the wood pieces together and you have a stand. While using XenStand, it did feel as if I were in a more natural position as I typed on my laptop. This is a great device for anyone working in an office for several hours a day and I can see how it could eliminate many of the pains associated with this lifestyle.

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When you are working in a more natural position, with good posture, you are not working against your body, but with it. The other thing about this laptop stand is that it looks classy in wood. I’m not sure if they offer different finishes, but I’d like to see this in several finishes that might accentuate your desk.

Since it is so basic, anyone can easily assemble and use this stand to improve their health. It’s a great first step if you are thinking about buying a standing desk.

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XenStand Ergonomic Office Desk Review
XenStand will help you to work healthier.

Take It With You and Work Anywhere

Bottom Line:

This laptop stand is lightweight so that you can take it anywhere. Just pack it in your backpack and you are good to work anywhere. It also looks good. Those two factors alone make this a very useful tool for anyone looking to alleviate the common symptoms of working too hard. So we like it. We can’t for sure say whether or not it will help your aches and pains, but I’m convinced that over time this really pays off. especially when you consider all of the repetitive motions that we all make every day on the computer. It’s a simple design that is useful and we love that.

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