What is the Xbox Warranty?

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Updated February 15, 2023

When learning about product insurance plans, you may want to learn about an Xbox warranty to cover your console. Like many brands, Xbox devices are covered by a limited 1-year warranty plan, which essentially ensures that your new console arrives to you in perfect working condition and will be repaired at no cost if it doesn’t. But you can always get a full insurance plan via several avenues. These extended warranties and insurance plans offer multiple types of coverage far beyond the one that comes with your Xbox.


  • Microsoft Xbox consoles ship with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts 12 months, allowing users to file a warranty claim.
  • This warranty covers issues pertaining to manufacturing defects but does not cover accidental damage or theft.
  • To beef up your warranty coverage, buy into Microsoft’s Complete insurance plan or use a third-party option. This is not just for Xbox consoles, as it also includes Surface warranty options for Surface devices.

Do Xbox Consoles Ship With a Warranty?

Yes, Microsoft Xbox consoles, including the Xbox Series X, ship with a limited warranty, similar to when checking out Samsung new phone warranties. This warranty lasts for a full year, 12 months, and covers damage pertaining to manufacturing defects, similar to how an HP Pavilion warranty works. Of course, these plans do not cover anything beyond manufacturing defects. You will need additional coverage in the form of extended warranties and insurance plans to cover things such as theft or accidental damage.

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These companies allow you to pay monthly instead of annually, but the latter is typically the better deal.

Xbox Coverage Options

The manufacturer’s warranty is nice to have, of that there is no doubt. However, gaming consoles are expensive, so additional coverage options are always appreciated. Here are some ideas.

Microsoft Complete

Most big tech companies offer their own in-house insurance plans, and these plans are just as comprehensive as third-party offerings while occasionally coming in at lower price points. Microsoft is no different here, and their first-party insurance offering is called Microsoft Complete. These extend the coverage length to three years and offer coverage for accidental damage and theft, in addition to manufacturing defects. Annual plans cost around $100, though these costs can be split up into monthly installments.

Third-Party Insurance

If you don’t want to opt in with Microsoft, you have plenty of third-party options. Old-school insurance carriers like Progressive offer plans for Xbox consoles that handle accidental damage and theft. You can also choose from a newer web-based insurance company like Akko or Square. These companies offer similar coverage with a price point in line with Microsoft Complete. Read the fine print and choose based on your personal needs.

STAT: Before you can check your warranty or get service, you may need to register your Surface or Xbox to your account. (source)

Register the Product

No matter which option you choose, be sure to register your gaming console to speed up the recovery process in the case of a severe issue that requires replacement or repair. Also, there will likely be a time limit placed on how long you have to sign up for an insurance plan, so take that into account..

Xbox Warranty FAQs

How do I get service for your Microsoft device?

To cover your Microsoft devices like the Xbox Elite or Surface devices, sign up for an extended service plan via the company or a third-party protection plan company.

What if I purchased the device from another person as used?

Buying used does not impact warranty services or repair costs, but the time of purchase does. Ask the reseller when they purchased the device and ask for proof of purchase.

What if I purchased Microsoft Complete and don’t see it on my device?

You should be able to check the warranty status online by signing in at Microsoft after uploading proof of purchase and related items of information. This pertains to Xbox Elite products and other products.
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