The Xbox One X has now been out for a little more than a month, and it has become both big news for anyone looking to upgrade their Xbox with the best tech, and a new feather in Microsoft’s cap, one sorely needed as the Xbox continues to struggle against the much more popular PS4.

But that’s exactly why the One X ($500) – despite its clunky name – has proven such a success. Sony also released an upgrade to the PS4 last year called the PS4 Pro. It had some graphical improvements, etc., and people immediately tried to compare the upgraded Xbox (then Project Scorpio) to it. It turns, that comparison is almost impossible to make because the One X is far beyond the PS4 Pro in terms of graphic capabilities, design, and capabilities for 4K resolution.

This console is fast, compact, and more durable than any previous Xbox model…and it turns out, that’s all some gamers were waiting for. The console also wisely doubled down on better 4K support than the PS4 Pro, and spent less time on largely unnoticed extras like VR support, which Sony may have spent too much time touting (VR gaming gets a lot of headlines, but very few sales, as most gamers remain uninterested in the technical hoops they’re required to jump through). And if you still have the previous Xbox model, you may be interested in some of the best Xbox One games of 2014.

Consoles: One X
Xbox One X console, taken apart

According to Microsoft’s own reports, demand for the Xbox One x was “super high” even before its November release – this points to lots of pre-orders and similar markers. Warnings about shortages started to increase, and even now it’s a little tricky to find a One X for sale unless you are cruising the online sites looking for sales. It is easier to find any of the best open world games for Xbox One.

There’s also other good news at work in addition to all the favorable word of mouth. Major games like Fortnite and Skyrim, among others, have announced expansions to their Xbox versions specifically to prepare them for 4K resolutions supported by the One X. That’s the sort of ongoing news that gamers will also pay attention to, and it’s likely to result in even more sales.

Here’s the bottom line: The Xbox One X is doing great and appears to be everything Microsoft promised. If you want one for the holidays, or are buying one as a gift, we suggest you order it now, rather than risk supplies running out. Also note that older tech like the Kinect isn’t supported by the One X, and that it comes with a traditional Xbox One controller, not the Elite controller that Microsoft has been advertising.

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    1. Supply is in fact fairly limited, Gamestop announced it was nearly sold out (can no longer order online from Gamestop either), and bizarrely it actually did sell out in Japan (long story).

      Have a glass of water…will help with all that salt.

  1. “According to Microsoft”

    You should really investigate yourself first. Retailers are giving information out that shows that the X1X is selling much less than the also 500$ X1 4 years ago. Not even half of it, and the X1 was selling really badly because of huge controversies with always online DRM and Kinect at that time.

    Don’t let Microsoft’s deceptive marketing take you for a fool.

    1. “X1X is selling much less than….” according to you? We shouldn’t let your deceptive comments take us for fools. It’s clear you have an axe to grind.

  2. Your comment in this article of the Xbox One X not supporting Kinect is untrue. Sure it does not have the dedicated port as the Original Xbox One, however with the purchase of an adapter, those who own a Kinect can still use it if they so choose. I purchased adapter and use my Kinect with no problem on the Xbox One X.

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