What is an Xbox Controller Warranty?

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Updated February 15, 2023

While perusing product insurance plans, you may want to learn about Xbox controller warranties. Microsoft Xbox products come with limited manufacturer warranty plans when you purchase a new Xbox or official Xbox controller. While most of these types of warranties last 12 months, like an Apple keyboard warranty, you’ll only get 90 days on a standard Xbox controller for coverage on issues from a manufacturing error. However, this initial limited warranty can be beefed up in several ways.


  • Xbox consoles and official controllers ship with a limited manufacturer’s warranty period of one year.
  • This warranty covers issues pertaining to an original manufacturing issue at the plant but does not cover normal wear, cosmetic damages, and other issues.
  • For coverage of accidental damage and theft, you will need a dedicated insurance plan and proof of purchase from the original purchase.

Do Xbox Controllers Come With a Warranty?

Yes, official Xbox controllers ship with a standard limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor for issues pertaining to a manufacturing error, which is similar to a Rheem water heater warranty. This warranty holds for both controllers that ship with the console and for those that are purchased separately, so long as they are official Xbox controllers. The controllers made by third-party manufacturers do not fall under this purview, just like when dealing with AppleCare+ battery replacement.

Insider Tip

No matter which option you choose, try to keep the controller away from water and debris.

While a standard controller only gets a 90-day warranty offer, the Xbox Elite 2 controller may last from 90 days to a year. Unfortunately, a significant number of customers had performance problems with the Elite, which led Microsoft to lengthen its warranty on these models.

How to Extend Coverage for an Xbox Controller

There are many ways to extend your coverage for an Xbox controller, even adding insurance to cover theft and accidental damage. Here are your options.

Try Microsoft Complete

Just like Apple, Samsung, and other big-time tech companies, Microsoft has its own insurance and extended warranty offering, Microsoft Complete. This service will cover every aspect of your Xbox, including the controllers. Additionally, you can purchase a Complete subscription for standalone controllers, so long as they are the official controllers made by Microsoft and not a third-party accessory. Microsoft Complete covers theft and accidental damage, which is a boon to gamers.

Research Third-Party Insurers

Another option is to research and choose a third-party insurance offering. These insurance plans from companies like Akko, Asurion, Best Buy, and more will cover your Xbox and any controllers. The service is nearly identical to Microsoft Complete, but the prices fluctuate depending on the provider. Additionally, some providers may cover third-party controllers, which is worth looking into.

STAT: Microsoft Complete is an extended service plan that provides a total of three years of coverage for your Xbox console. Additionally, Microsoft Complete provides warranty coverage for two controllers. (source)

Get an Extended Warranty

You should be able to buy into an extended warranty from Microsoft or from a third party to extend your coverage. As a note, extended warranties tend to only extend the length of the original manufacturer’s warranty over the initial year and do not offer coverage for theft and accidental damage.

Microsoft Controller Warranty FAQs

How do you get service for your Microsoft device?

Your Microsoft device automatically comes with a limited warranty, but that only covers product replacements if the issue happened before the time of purchase and is not due to consequential damages.

What do you do when your Xbox warranty ends?

Some third-party insurers could keep the coverage going, as certain third-party products specialize in after-warranty care. Beyond that, know your legal rights before filing a warranty claim.

How long is an Xbox One warranty?

The standard warranty for any Xbox is one year. After that limited warranty period, your legal rights significantly diminish, as does the warranty coverage and the ability to make a warranty claim.
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