X Stand is the Only Laptop/Tablet Stand You’ll Need

Do you have a laptop or tablet stand that you use around the house or at a desk? You may feel like throwing it away after this: The X Stand is a customizable multi-device solution that makes competitors look a little frivolous.

The heart of the X Stand is in its TinkerToy-like assembly. You start with the central aluminum bar, and insert several fiberglass roads at various points to form a minimalistic stand for your laptop or tablet (the rods come with cushions and grips to avoid damage to your electronics). There’s enough room to fit pretty much any large mobile device on the stand, but the real benefit lies in how those rods can be pushed in and out and locked in place at different heights. This allows you to change the shape and size of the stand at will.

Need a laptop lift at your desk so you don’t strain your neck? One X Stand form can help with that. Want a lower angle? No problem. Need a tablet stand beside your desktop? It’s super easy with options for both 30 and 15-degree typing angles. Do you want to stand at your desk? Just reform the computer accessory into a lift for your laptop and its done. The versatility is a welcome feature, once you learn how it works, and the whole thing ways less than a pound. Plus, that minimalistic design is simple to pack and will help keep your laptop from overheating.

You may also be interested in the LED array located on the primary tube. This can be used as a light for your keyboard or, if you don’t want to deal with electronics, a desk light for reading, writing and other activities.

X Stand Phone
Tablets, laptops, and yes, phones – this stand can handle them all.

But we haven’t even gotten to our favorite features yet. One is a little magnetic ball that you can attach to the stand. It includes a disc that you can use to attach and then swivel your smartphone. In other words, add an instant secondary screen to whatever computer setup you are working with (and know where your phone is at all times, too).

Our other favorite feature is the price. Unlike some stands on the market, you can get the X Stand by pledging $39 for an early bird price. After the deals, you’ll need to pledge around $70 to get your hands on these, so sooner is better than later. The stands will be shipping in May.

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